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Quite a long time ago, a Walton developed RFID technology - chips that can be used to mark items such as clothes. A team from Asia, honoring the inventor, named his project Waltonchain from his name. Recently, he added something to the name - a blochchain chain.

Waltonchain aims to improve the production and delivery process of products. Create large databases and easily manage them, analyze e.g. what sells best, in what size and color. Help identify items as well as their originality. It is easy to see what is where, what ends, what needs to be ordered etc. This is nothing more than a classic example Internet of Thingswhich has to save time and money.

Waltonchain he's working on his own RFID chips, so that they are as small as possible, the cheapest and, most conveniently, they could be scanned (many at once and from a distance).

On the cryptographic side, Waltonchain consists of a main chain and side chains, which can be many, for different applications, even for each customer separate. This is to allow the system to be adapted to specific needs, as well as to give high scalability. The whole is complemented smart contracts based on ETH, high privacy (trade secrets) and a network of nodes (based on DASH).

Pros and cons of the Waltonchain project

+ a large potential market and field of application for Waltonchain products

+ great team, from people with experience in IoT, Google, Bloomberg, Samsung, to winners of competitions for young geniuses;

+ partnerships with several large companies, recently signed a cooperation agreement with Zhangzhou Branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited and a company from Alibaba Group (details in minuses)

+ ambitious, quite detailed and accurately implemented roadmap

+ in the near future it is planned to launch a mainet, masternods and issue a portfolio;

+ tokens are to be used wherever possible, within the project (on the internal exchange, as GAS for transactions, as dividend shares, loan scheme funds, etc.)

- until recently the project was closed to the West (they even had a problem with speaking English), now it is slowly opening up and starting to advertise; however, they still don't have good PR;

- therefore, the project had / has the reputation of a scam - it was accused of the fact that the partnerships are invented, not confirmed anywhere; it is difficult to blur such slander in the minds of investors;

- they recently had a marketing slip-up - it turned out that an internet competition for the community was set up and someone from the team won;

- and a much larger slip-up that once again casts a shadow of suspicion on the veracity of their partnerships ... they announced a strategic partnership with one of the Alibaba Group companies (yes, this Alibaba), and a day later they deleted the tweet and issued a vague message on this matter - it's hard to trust such a project

- currency abbreviation badly associated in the West, especially in the USA - in the minds of Americans, the WTC is clearly associated with the World Trade Center and the tragedy of 11.09.2001/XNUMX/XNUMX.

If everything goes well, in the future it may be one of the world's largest IoT companies, with thousands of institutional clients and branches all over the world ... unless they lie.

As you can see, the project is very interesting and ambitious, it has real application now and in the future. It's a shame it has so many drawbacks as an investment.

The WTC token is available on Binance - see our guide

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