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atomize is one of the most-awaited platforms recently tokenizacji. Its creators have proved that asset tokenization does not have to be limited to securities - it can include practical anything that has any value. The solution will support forms of cooperation between industrial companies and their most important contractors.


Created by the company TokenTrust a tool called Atomyze is based on distributed accounting technology, representing resources in digital form. The platform is currently in the testing phase, which means that it is currently used by a limited number of companies. After starting regular and lawful operations, the investor group will be expanded.

Currently, the platform's customers include: Nornickel, IBM, Umicore, Trafigura, Global Palladium Fund, Traxys.

A new look at tokenization

Tokenization is often associated primarily with securities, while in fact both technology blockchainhow distributed ledger technology can be applied to virtually anything of value, including publicly traded goods.

This is the path they will follow atomize, providing clients with various modern solutions based on blockchain and DLT. They enable, among others transaction preview, faster execution time and cooperation of companies and investors.

Atomyze currently targets three groups of goods that are still being tested, namely palladium, cobalt and copper. They will be stokenizowaneand investors will be able to trade tokens secured with these assets.

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TokenTrust is not resting on its laurels

The Atomyze platform has motivated TokenTrust to continue, because the company is not going to limit itself to trading only goods. He is seeking full regulatory compliance in the trading area tokenized securitieswhich would make it a licensed entity in Switzerland offering securities trading services.

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