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TimeCoinProtocol along with tokens TimeCoin (TMCN) is one of the most promising projects DeFi i NFTwhich was created recently. They combine e-sport, VTubering, as well as the possibility of implementing a sharing economy and independence at work, which are gaining more and more importance in the modern labor market. So let's take a closer look at this initiative.

The innovative TimeCoinProtocol project

TimeCoinProtocol is a technology based project blockchainoperated by a company based in Switzerland TimeTicket GmbH, belonging to TimeTicket Inc. Japan. As part of the project, tokens were issued TimeCoin (TMCN).

It is available on several exchanges, incl. on BitForex, Bitmart, and biki at a price of 250 USD.

The TimeCoinProtocol protocol is a modern sharing economy protocol, which is an alternative to other centralized systems based on it, including YouTube and Twitch.

There are several applications available under the project. One of them is TimeTicketbased on a sharing economy. This service is used by over half a million users, and the revenues generated by it reach several million dollars a year.

TimeCoinProtocol also provides eSportStars, a website for e-sports fans, serving over 4 gie and available in 30 languages. In the near future, the platform is to be expanded to include DeFi and NFT functions, as well as gambling.

TMCN tokens

Initially, the project was sponsored by several investors. Although nearly $ 4 million in total was allocated for this purpose, the number of tokens released on the market was quite limited.

In mid-February this year, a special sale of TimeCoin tokens (TMCN) covered 90% discount on the current market value of the token. Investors got a chance to purchase bonus tokens, the total value of which is 4,5 million dollars.

The introduced offer is to enable the acquisition of funds for project development, with particular emphasis on the eSportStars website, within which new functionalities will be implemented. The described solution also enables the activity of VTubers, among which there are, among others Shirahari UniUltimately, as part of TimeCoinProtocol, an NFT market will also be created, available to VTubers and other creators.

Benefits for users

Users are also offered a modern DeFi system - Creator Sponsor Staking (CSS), compatible with the NFT market.

Fans get a 12% share in TimeCoin after 6 months and 24% after 12 months. The benefits will be available to both fans and creators who, in return for sponsorship, will repay users with high-quality services, NFT digital products and promotions.

The idea of ​​TimeCoinProtocol boils down to creating a safe space in which both players, fans and the creators themselves will have a chance to achieve financial benefits and at the same time strengthen mutual relations. In addition, to ensure an even higher level of service, it was decided to introduce the sale of special, non-market tokens, which will support the development of DeFi and NFT functionalities. Thanks to this, fans will be able to support creators, among which there are, among others eSports players, streamers and VTubers. At the same time, both the creators and fans will gain not only additional tokens, but also other profits, exchanged via the NFT. Buyers of TMCN not only profit, but also support the creators.

$ 20 million from the sale of TMCN

The total number of TMCN tokens is currently 100, of which 000 are to be sold during the above-mentioned special sale of tokens with over 90% discount on the market value and with special bonus tokens.

The amount raised is to be nearly USD 20 million. The tokens can be purchased in the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT or ETH, on the official TimeCoinProtocol website. People who are interested in acquiring TMCN are advised to have a private wallet such as for example Dappradar. However, it is not recommended to purchase using a cryptocurrency exchange account.

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