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The European Space Agency (ESA) targets blockchain. The agency chose EZ Lab's SmartAgrisat project, based on this technology, and related to sustainable agriculture.

EZ Lab

EZ Lab is a modern Italian company specializing in digital solutions dedicated to the agri-food, textile, energy, cosmetics, real estate, healthcare, art and supply chains industries. It was established in 2014 in an Italian university incubator, and now has branches in the United States and France.

Distinction from The European Space Agency

As the only Italian company, EZ Lab was invited by The European Space Agency to submit an application for funding under the "Aspire with ESA - co-financing program, which grants funds for projects targeting technological innovation, focused on social and economic development.


The project by EZ Lab is called SmartAgrisat, and is to be based on high-resolution photos, provided by satellites, in order to conduct an automatic analysis of the visualization of agricultural plots, and then create special maps, taking into account the specificity of vegetation and soil, as well as areas exposed to water deficits. Such maps are intended to develop plans focusing on such elements as the necessity of fertilization, plant protection products and water resources. Information is to be sent to farmers via fast and secure connections based on blockchain technology. This data will be consistent with the on-board computers of automated tractors and irrigation systems, influencing the volume of distribution and the amount of product dispensed on crops.

Enthusiasm for the support given to EZ Lab by The European Space Agency was expressed both by representatives of the company itself, myself and ESA. The agency makes no secret of its satisfaction with supporting the ambitious goal of becoming a European leader in innovation and sustainable development. ESA also believes that blockchain technology can bring tangible benefits in the field of sustainable food production, protection of water resources and reduction of the use of harmful substances.

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