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Cryptopia Rescue has been criticized by Grant Thornton

There are many indications that Grant Thornton, an organization associating entities providing audit and advisory services, comes into open conflict with Cryptopia Rescue, the stock exchange program Cryptopia, bringing together people who have failed on the stock exchange.

Hacker attack and the beginning of the end of the Cryptopia exchange

An increasingly heated dispute on the line Grant Thornton - Cryptopia Rescue the latest Cryptopia Funds report proves. Its author is Grant Thornton himself, and he deals with a growing problem in the context of creditors of the company in bankruptcy. The genesis of the problem was the attack of hackers on cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia that happened in January 2019. At that time, it recorded losses of several million, which led to the initiation of the liquidation proceedings which are still pending today.

Grant Thornton Report

In the report provided by Grant Thornton, it was indicated that three groups of activities will be launched in the near future, i.e. claim registration, identity verification and asset transfer. It is worth noting that the first one will be to submit a claim based on documentation, which will then lead to the identification of the applicant. This is due to the fact that some data was stolen, and therefore the identification of individual entities responsible for the implementation of specific procedures should be carried out with special care.

Cryptopia Rescue

The hacker attack and the start of the liquidation process led to the creation of a program called Cryptopia Rescue, which is to be represented by all affected persons. Even joined this group to streamline the token redistribution process. This initiative, which would seem to be the most legitimate action, was not approved by Grant Thornton - the organization explicitly advises against joining it. His position is argued by, among others the fact that not all information cited by Cryptopia in its program can be considered reliable. The very situation in which the stock exchange found itself can be treated as a warning to exercise extreme caution when investing funds on centralized exchanges, exposed to hacker attacks.

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