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Quantum resistance is an issue that has been troubling the environment for some time cryptocurrency. In the near future quantum computers they may be able to decode any encrypted data. Work is underway to develop quantum-resistant technology in the area blockchain today we can point to their first fruits. Particularly noteworthy include Takamaka, XNUMXrd generation blockchain, completely quantum resistant

Quantum possibilities

The giant Google recently announced a breakthrough in quantum computing with a quantum advantage. While in traditional computers one "bit" may exist as "0" or "1", in quantum computers "qubits" are used. Although they also take the value "0" or "1", they can be linked linearly . Thanks to this, the computing power of quantum computers is much greater.

In the case of blockchain-based cryptography, calculating the value of the private key, starting with the public key, is a very complicated process, not always feasible. It is necessary in this case to go through the so-called the discrete logarithm of the elliptic curve, which, even in the case of highly modern computers, would take millions of years. Quantum computers, however, are able to do this in less than 10 minutes. In practice, this means that they may soon be able to decrypt any encrypted information.

Takamaka - quantum resistant blockchain

The issue of quantum computing on the basis of cryptography has been undertaken for a long time, and work is still underway to create a quantum resistant technology. It can be assumed that its creation takes no more than five years. In the blockchain area, however, the first solutions of this type have already been developed. Takamaka is a third-generation Java-based blockchain that is quantum resistant. The qTesla algorithm is used to sign blocks and transactions between wallets and nodes.

An innovative solution

A completely new approach is needed to create quantum safe solutions. This was perfectly understood by Takamak's creators, who emphasize that the method of determining the signature algorithm was very well identified in this case. The used ED25519 public key system is designed to sign transactions at various levels of verification and implementation. This allows you to achieve the desired network speed while maintaining a high level of security. Although it is not a perfect signature, completely quantum-resistant, it has not yet come across a computer capable of breaking it. If, however, it did appear, then a fully quantum-resistant mechanism would be automatically activated.

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