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SpaceChain - remember this name, because you will hear about this project more than once. The world's first private space agency (or at least that's what they call themselves). SpaceChain Token (SPC) created on the basis of the network Qtumand now, among others for investors' convenience, it functions as a duo-token. We have a choice and we can have it as ERC20 (based on ethereum), to keep it comfortable, for example on a ledger.

What is the SpaceChain project and what is the SPC token used for?

The main goal of SpaceChain is to create an operating system that works in technology blockchain. What distinguishes it from many already created platforms and operating systems? Network nodes (PoS) will not be on servers and computers on Earth, but in satellites in orbit! Yes, they will shoot their own LEO type satellites - one has already fired, two more are planned this year, four in the next, and 72 in the following years. The satellites will be used to process, transmit and store data in space. Private keys stored on disks in space satellites? Why not!

satellite spacechain

Thanks to this solution, the network will cover the whole world (including the oceans), will be more secure (fires, earthquakes, power failures), and at the same time the most decentralized, as you can imagine today.

The project is guided by noble goals. They have so far handed over a closed, strictly protected and terribly expensive infrastructure, which was only in the hands of the governments of the largest states, into the hands of ordinary programmers and small companies from all countries of the world. They will get access to the SPC network of satellites, thanks to which they will be able to implement their ideas with a low cost (without sending their own satellites into orbit). This can significantly accelerate the development of space technologies, as all activities will be more profitable. Specifically, SPC will provide sandbox technology for development applications to quickly and securely create, test and deploy space-based applications - just like the platform for creating mobile applications. SpaceChainOS It also integrates with the network of its Qtum strategic partner to use their smart contracts.

Pros and cons of the SpaceChain project

+ visionary, very innovative and ambitious project, already responding to the needs that will appear only after some time;

+ stands behind the controls of this project Jeff Garzik, one of the first developers Bitcoin Core (collaborated with Satoshi Nakamoto), an outstanding programmer whose code you probably have in your phones and computers (Linux Kernel), with many important projects to his credit. Currently CEO of the company Bloq. Together with him behind the project stands, among others Tim Draper, famous investor-visionary and billionaire, boss Venture Capital, which in the nineties invested in e-mail technology, then in Skype or Whatsappbefore anyone heard about him (and in SpaceX, Tesla and many others);

+ project leaders boast that their idea has attracted the best of the best experts in space technology and blockchain from the US, Europe and China, including Chinese scientists National Space Administration i Chinese Science Academy; some of them must remain anonymous for the time being due to their contracts;

+ products Space Chain SPC Several companies from the industry are already interested IoT, communication, cloud services, IP protection;

+ a large Chinese transport company is interested in using products for tracking ship packages (IoT), creating databases and instant international payments;

+ SPC cooperates with the company that created the software for Chinese satellites;

+ literally a moment ago they announced informal cooperation with SpaceX (SpaceChain as a sponsor of a non-profit project, not a beneficiary);

+ they signed a contract with the company NanoRacks (which so far amounted to about 600 charges to the International Space Station), talks with the Airbus Group are underway;

+ cooperation with many entities is at the basis of the philosophy that guides the creators of the project; cooperate with with the competing (as it might seem) Nexus; entities interested in the idea, plans and possibilities of the SPC will co-create its ecosystem; everything indicates that new cooperation agreements will appear every now and then;

+ regularly reported work progress in the Medium articles;

+/- the current price is much lower than the price of ICO (around 0,5 $ for 1 SPC), so for people entering now is a plus, but among early investors it causes bad mood;

- it is a non-profit organization - it is not meant to earn dollars and change the world; if it has a business plan it is hidden and / or incomprehensible; the project is great, but this company / organization will never earn a billion dollars, which translates into the value of their tokens being a kind of action;

- as of today, SPC tokens are a bit like collector coins; at the moment, the team does not care about their value and reduces their role to bricks held by people who believe in the project - this is the impression I got after what the CEO said in one of the interviews;

even in the future, their role will be very limited; it will come down to paying for MB or minutes of using the platform and paying for applications in the future store; I have the impression - as in the case of many projects / platforms of this type - without SPC tokens nobody would lose anything, and Qtum could also be used for these purposes; Admittedly, the developers do not want SPC to be just a currency that can be paid on their platform. They understand that the greatest value of a currency will be when it is accepted by other large space companies: "We are taking a multi Market, multi customer, multi Network approach to SPC." Jeff Garzik said. He also added that he would like to see SpaceX accept SPC payments for launching its rockets. If the plan is successful, it is very possible that today's investors will someday be able to fly into space for pennies. For now, however, it should be considered more of a dream than a plan;

- so far, hardly anyone has heard about it, because marketing and PR are at a low level, and the project is at an early stage of development

Cryptocurrency market - at least so far - he liked very ambitious and even more forward-looking projects. He valued plans and promises more, not always matching the present value. SpaceChain can perfectly fit into this model, and the possible accompanying wave of hype will raise the price of SPC into orbit (at least for a moment). In addition, as long as the creators fulfill their visions, it is worth having at least some SPC tokens as an investment for the next few, maybe even several or several dozen years. However - taking into account the disadvantages - the increase in the value of SPC tokens in the near future is very uncertain. Rather, it is dependent on marketing, stock market availability, and the fashions that may or may not come upon this project at any time.


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