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Smartlands platform is a tokenization platform and its basic token is based on a chain Stellar Lumens XLM

Smartlands - or maybe let's tokenize everything ?!

The above idea most easily captures the assumption and purpose of the project Smartlands, assuming that kryptowaluty and technology associated with them blockchain they adopt widespread use, all of today's known securities, products, corporate actions and even single ideas in the form of startups may one day have their electronic token in a dispersed chain of blocks. The issue of shares on a traditional stock exchange in Poland is a cost that can reach even 1 million zlotys! so beyond the legal barrier of such a venture it is the second important barrier for the smallest companies.

Smartlands is in this case the answer to the need to recapitalize companies, institutions and investments not directly related to the cryptocurrency market. By default, the platform and all facilities are to be directed to small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot afford to issue shares, pay lawyers and prepare related prospectuses. Interestingly, initially the project aimed at entities from broadly understood agriculture, the intention was to recapitalize agricultural entities that use modern breeding methods, etc. The interest in the project, however, exceeded the expectations of the creators and, apart from farmers, also companies from other industries were interested in the project, currently there are no restrictions for any industry or idea - anyone can apply to issue tokens on the platform Smartlands.

How it works?

The system of issuing tokens on the platform should be simple and consists of four steps, anyone who would like to issue tokens must declare such willingness using the form available on the project website. After a positive initial consideration, the project goes into the implementation phase, which consists of four steps:

  • 1 step: Audit and checking the subject

Smartlands Platform manages audit, legal analysis and other preparatory procedures for the future issuer. At this stage, the selected office scans the entity in terms of financial capacity, the structure of currently held capital is also examined and the assets of the entity applying for the issue of tokens on the platform are checked.

  • 2-step: Contract

The enterprise and third party represented by the depository entity (escrow) designated by the Smartlands platform concludes a contract to secure tokens with assets held by the company. The assets can be literally all goods that can be stenned, i.e. both movables, real estate and intellectual rights, patents, ideas, etc.

  • 3 step: Issuing tokens

The token issuer attracts investments for strategic development by offering security tokens ABT (asset-backed-tokens) and selling them to investors using the platform. This means that investors using the platform can purchase ABT tokens of any issuer using tokens SLT. SLT is treated here as the currency that allows the purchase of tokens of individual issuers. All ABT tokens offered on the platform are already audited and represent some real value, eg machines in the factory, future harvests in agriculture, patent rights, etc. Investors choosing the given ABT of a given issuer increase the capitalization of the undertaking. So it is a mechanism known from the traditional stock exchange.

  • 4 step: Trade with ABT tokens on the platform and distribution of profits (dividend)

The company periodically divides the portion of profits / revenues into token holders (and undergoes audits) in accordance with the principles set out in the contract documents. Holders of tokens can freely dispose of them and trade with others using the smartlands platform. It should be emphasized that ABT tokens are treated here as securities, which entails a number of legal consequences. This prevents investors from acting anonymously but at the same time counteracts the abuse and laundering of money. The platform is also fully legitimized before the financial regulator.

What is ABT?


From a technical and legal point of view, the ABT token (issuers) is somewhere between a traditional share issue on the stock exchange (IPO Initial Public Offering) and the issuing of tokens in blockchain technology (ICO - Initial Coin Offering). ABT combines the best of these two, that is the security of the traditional stock exchange with modern technology and, consequently, the ease of buying and trading in stencilled securities.

Other functionalities

In addition to the main functionality mentioned above, SLT has its own client or wallet, it means that SLT tokens can be exchanged or paid anywhere via a blockchain Stellar. The wallet so far only appears in the browser version, however, allows the purchase, sale and storage of SLT tokens. An interesting feature is also the functionality related to setting the operating principles of the platform pSLT settlers can set the platform's rules by means of a decentralized management system by voting on the SLT which is carried out using a wallet. This means that the community has an influence on key decisions and rules regarding the platform's operation. In this way, the platform's operation is transparent and transparent for users and the main decisions are made in accordance with the interested investors. Issuers of ABT tokens are also required to keep SLT tokens.

All tokens in circulation as before, we have: 7 186 071, the total number of tokens is to be: 7 186 785.

Information about the team Smartlands

The project team comes from Lithuania, the platform and the company are also registered in Lithuania, offices are also located in Ukraine and the United Kingdom. So far, the platform has not yet started, the project is constantly being developed and improved, the platform will act as an exchange of tokens and guarantor of all ABT tokens, its refinement is currently the most important process of the team.

The team actively participates in all important events related to blockchaintheir newsletter is being constantly updated with new events. The team is looking for new employees all the time due to the development of the platform and expansion. They are currently focusing on the European and South Asian markets as the main direction of expansion. In the future, they plan development for other markets. As I mentioned earlier, the creators of the project are mainly interested in entities from the real estate industry and the agricultural industry, other entities from other branches may also apply for a place on their platform, however, priority will be given to entities from the two preferred industries.

In order to implement and improve the platform, Smartlands currently works with the following partners:

Skyglyph - a platform for renting professional drones with operators (ABT),

TvinsLaw - Law office (escrow),

Resolution - finance and law (escrow, contracts, legal regulations),

Thistle - law (legal and financial regulations),

Necklaces - a real estate advisor collaborate with Smartlands to test ABT's potential on the real estate market,

Civic - online privacy protection.

Additional functionalities of the platform in the future are to be:
  • Decentralized database of audits carried out for investor inspection
  • Gate FIAT i.e. shopping using standard fiat currencies.
  • Detailed statistics on issued tokens ABT
  • A full-featured network explorer Stellar (Stellar Explorer)
Project advantages:

+ The platform's advantage will be its transparency and security. ABT will be supported by a certain real value thanks to which they can be suitable as a stable haven for kryptoinwestorów during big fluctuations in the course and uncertainty. The SLT course itself should become independent of the course XLM or BTC. Will work as a safe haven, the market will verify in the future.

+ So far, the lack of such a complementary service on the cryptocurrency market, we have a number of services that facilitate the creation of ICO and raise funds in this way, but there is no platform that would check and audit the projects arising on the blockchain. Collecting audit services and securing this on the platform is a new quality of ICO startups is the advantage of the project.

+ Active community influence on platform development through the voting system.

+ Real use of blockchain technology for the purpose in which it is currently best suited, namely market speculation with the use of indisputable tokens and value storage.

Design defects:

- The project may turn out to be too innovative for the agricultural industry when it comes to other industries, it has no objections, but the agricultural industry may simply be unprepared for such solutions

- High risk related to the "eastern" lineage of the team. Of course, Eastern Europe has given us many interesting inventions in history and many outstanding people (incl mathematicians i cryptographers). However, when it comes to ICO and blockchain, our neighbors from abroad are associated with fraud.



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