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The well-known Norwegian holding company Aker ASA recently announced the launch of a new company called Seetee. Its functioning is based on the ecosystem Bitcoin.

Seetee's four business areas

The idea to create Seetee arose from the need to pay more attention to projects related to Bitcoin and technology blockchainwhile maintaining the ability to invest any liquid assets in BTC. The initial capital of a new company owned by Aker ASA, amounted to NORK 500 million.

Under the premise of the business Seetee it is to focus on four key areas. The first is investing and collecting bitcoin, the second is the development of the bitcoin and blockchain community, the third is bitcoin verification, and the fourth is creating modern projects and companies in the Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem and then investing in them.

Cooperation with Blockstream

In order for Seetee to operate efficiently and effectively, the company has established cooperation with Blockstream, a company famous for implementing products and services for storing and sending cryptocurrencies. Its CEO, Adam Back, does not hide his excitement that Aker has turned to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

At the same time, he declared that he would make every effort to ensure that the cooperation with Seetee turned out to be fruitful. It will focus primarily on bitcoin mining and sidechain projects, which turn out to be highly beneficial for companies belonging to the Aker holding company. Back also admitted that he sincerely hopes that his extensive experience in using global energy infrastructure will prove to be of benefit to the entire industry. cryptocurrency.

Thanks to Seetee, Aker will open up to the Bitcoin ecosystem

Aker has recently started to make larger investments in companies specializing in industrial software, fintech and green energy value chains. Thanks to Seetee, the range of opportunities related to the Bitcoin ecosystem will increase in areas such as cybersecurity, financial transactions, as well as verification activities.

As Øyvind Eriksen argues, by launching Seetee holding, he made an important step towards software development and fintech. The Aker Group is also very excited about the industrial potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, both in the economy and in everyday life. is a cryptocurrency site run by a crypto team of enthusiasts. The main area of ​​our interest are cryptocurrencies, tokens, personal tokens as well as blockchain technology. On the pages of our website we will present independent cryptocurrency reviews and interesting articles from the market. In addition, we present the current rates of all critics. The site also has a multi-functional cryptocurrency calculator as well as traditional currencies.

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