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Recently, many solutions have been developed for cryptocurrency marketbased on technology blockchain, which with full conviction can be considered a leader in the field of digital assets. Another noteworthy project based on blockchains is Quube Exchange - an innovative solution because it is the first platform protecting against quantum computer attacks.

Quube Exchange based on blockchain

Modern companies are looking for modern and the most effective ways to raise funds and create transactional systems.

Blockchain is an increasingly and more commonly used solution, and it was also decided to use it to create Quube Exchange, a platform that offers the possibility of accelerating venture transactions and building a secondary market.

However, blockchain technology may soon lose its strong position as a result of action quantum computersthat can replace traditional computers over the next few years.

The problem was noticed by the creators of Quube Exchange, creating the first in the world quantum-protected cryptographic exchange in other words - a platform that protects against quantum computer attacks.

Quantum technology as a threat to blockchain technology

Unlike standard computers, quantum computers they operate not on traditional bits, but on quantum bits, or qubits. They have powerful computing power that may hit blockchain technology in the near future.

A quantum computer can be used to launch an attack on a blockchain network, enabling a given operator to gain control over it.

What's more, the quantum computer is able to stop the blockchain network from being confirmed in the network, thus blocking new transactions.

However, breaking the encryption on which they are based cryptocurrenciesIn traditional computers, it is very time consuming, while a quantum computer can do it in just a few minutes.

QRP token

Quube is very well aware of the threats to blockchain networks related to the functioning of quantum computers. Hence the idea of ​​creating a secure ecosystem with the right tools to fight off quantum attacks.

Created for Quube Exchange token QRP (Quube Quantum Resistant Blockchain Protocol), ensuring the safe course of the offer STOand also protects against possible quantum attacks.

Every transaction carried out in the Quube network is tracked in QRP, which ensures a high level of protection.

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