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On October 11 this year, Pundi X made a historic event in the world of telecommunications at the two-day XBlockchain Summit in Inaya Putri, Bali. She made the world's first Blockchain phone call with a Pundi XPhone. But from the beginning ...

Blockchain based Pundi XPhone phone

Pundi XPhonebecause that's what the company's latest device is called Pundi Xis a block phone that does not use any centralized mobile operator for operation. This phone operates on independent X function blocks created by the above company. A network developed by the Pundi team, named Blockchain Function X, was created to solve problems encountered on existing platforms blockchain (Internet decentralization, scalability or easy publishing of decentralized applications).

Like technology blockchainon which the telephone is based, the Pundi X product is safe and private. Users can make calls or send messages via blockchain via this telephone. As a result, the need for telephone numbers or any identifiers is eliminated. Every phone in the Blockchain Function X ecosystem will act as a network node, and each user will have their own unique address, similar to those of traditional URLs or IP addresses.

Blockchain Function X is not just a public chain. It is a completely decentralized platform and consists of five basic pillars:

  • X OS function;
  • X Blockchain function;
  • X IPFS function;
  • FXTP protocol;
  • X Docker function.

Each of them has one goal: to decentralize all applications, websites, communications and data.

The developers declare that the X operating system is based on Android OS 9.0. This automatically creates a list of the advantages of using your new phone. This solution makes Pundi XPhone compatible with Android applications, which makes it easier for developers and users to "switch" to the platform. In addition, as the developers declare, new dApps (decentralized applications) files will also be easier to create and publish.

As Pitt Huang-CTO and co-founder of Pundi X declares:

,,Users will be able to share data in the same way that they do it online securely via blockchain, and developers can quickly and easily publish decentralized applications via FXTP. "

Users will be able to access their data by going through a specific path similar to the one we pass on our computers when visiting the site. The path changes as follows: "FXTP: //" where xyz will stand for 'network node', which is nothing but a username. You can send messages or make calls in the same way. In this case, however, the content of the predefined commands will differ, which will sound appropriately ""For connections and" '' or ""For message or email. Regardless of whether you want to share photos, data, files or websites - you can get it all through such a path.

The creators of the system claim that the data shared in the blockchain works on the principle of a 'complex exchange' of both public and private data keys and encryption, which guarantees users 'communication without interception' and direct access to data shared by others. Each batch of data sent via the Blockchain Function X platform will also be saved in the chain. 'This is how a decentralized communication system works'- says Pitt Huang.

Not just Pundi X?

System XPhone is currently available to smartphone manufacturers and is being tested. The creators of the platform declare that Blockchain Function X, FXTP, IPFS, and XPhone will be officially launched in the second quarter of the next year. As it turns out, the tycoon in the world of cryptocurrency sales is not the only player in the arena of decentralized communication systems. Currently the initiator of cryptocurrencies Sirin Labs or a less known company Sikur working on the concept of a blockchain phone.

But it is not everything.

Pundi XPhone will also have to compete with several 'representatives' of international telecommunications giants, including the company HTC. Taiwanese company sees huge potential in safe personal communication devices and plans to release a phone based on the platform before the end of this year blockchain - HTC Exodus.

"A few years later, we see a world where people have their own identity and data, where everyone understands the concept and economics of digital property.".- says the decentralized chief officer of HTC Phil chen.

On the way to decentralization

The assumption of the Pundi X company and its latest product is the decentralization of all applications, websites or communications. And although smartphones that use the capabilities of blockchain systems are still a new topic, it is definitely a direction with great potential for development.

Will Pundi X and their XPhone become potentates in the block phone market?

Will they have to give way to more recognizable telecommunications brands such as HTC?

We are waiting for your opinions!

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