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Pundi X - NPXS - is a project based on blockchain Ethereum - aimed at mass utility adoption of cryptocurrencies for making payments in stores, as well as buying / selling cryptocurrencies without the need to access a computer or log into the stock exchange for this purpose.

Vision of Pundi X and application of technology

The goal of the Pundi X team is to create an ecosystem thanks to which it will be possible to make payments for goods in stores through cryptocurrencies. They want to become a decentralized network of points of sale, connecting sellers and buyers with each other - via POS devices (points of sale) and a simple mobile wallet with a dedicated XPASS debit card. According to the vision contained in the White Paper - transactions in everyday life using cryptocurrencies - are to become as easy as buying a bottle of water - to make cryptocurrency payments as common as the 7Eleven chain of stores in Asia (practically on the corner of every street).

Who is behind the Pundi X project?

The main team is managing from the capital of Indonesia - Jakarta. The research team, on the other hand, operates from China - from the city of Shenzhen. The company has official, physical offices virtually all over the world: Jakarta (Indonesia), Shenzhen (China), London (UK), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan) and Singapore. Currently, it employs over 150 people from all over the world.

The main founders of the project - talented engineers and entrepreneurs, creating a team that complement each other in every area needed to achieve success - their current activities and effectiveness confirm what written a year ago - before Pundi X entered the salons:

Zac Cheah - CEO, founder of the project - has 12 years of experience in the technology industry, operating primarily in the mobile games sector.

Pitt Huang - CTO (technology director) and founder of the project - a business genius, at the age of 25, he created and sold his first business (something similar to Groupon), to later repeat the success many times.

Constantin papadimitriou - President Pundi X - with 17 years of experience in the FinTech industry, distinguished by the effectiveness of implementing and adopting projects to the market.

Danny Lim - CFO (financial director) - expert in finance, worked for Baidu and Lenovo. He graduated from the famous Tsinghua University in China.

David Ben Kay - CLO (attorney-at-law) - graduated from UCLA, with over 30 years of legal experience, former board member of the Ethereum Foundation, attorney-at-law, incl. Microsoft China.

Vic Tham - CIO (investment director) - he graduated from an MBA at the University of New York, he held top executive positions at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing.

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From the left: Zac Cheah, Pitt Huang, Constantin Papadimitriou, Danny Lim, David Ben Kay, Vic Tham

The Pundi X ecosystem consists of 3 tools:

  • mobile application (wallet) - a simple, mobile wallet application where you can store cryptocurrencies and cash currencies
  • XPASS debit card - connected with a mobile wallet application - thanks to which it will be possible to make payments and deposits
  • POS transaction terminal - the main product of Pundi X, on which the entire system of card handling and cryptocurrency sales / exchange in stores is based


Pundi X system in practice

The way it works is that the shop buys a POS terminal from the company (something similar to the current prepaid terminals). A customer comes and can buy cryptocurrencies (NPXS and others available), e.g. coffee, using a smartphone with the Pundi X application or a Pundi XPASS card. Cryptocurrencies held are converted into the currency of a given country at the current exchange rate (the customer can view the current exchange rate - thanks to this, he can pay for the cryptocurrency that currently offers the best exchange rate). When paying with cryptocurrencies, in particular with the NPXS token - discounts for the purchase of a given product are to be offered. In a similar way, we can buy or sell our currencies in the store, using the terminal (analogy: buying a top-up to the phone).

NPXS tokens

The usefulness of the NPXS token comes down to the fact that if a store wants to join the network, it must pay a fee in NPXS tokens. As a result, the value of the token will grow in direct proportion to the number of trading partners willing to join the Pundi X system. GAS in transactions and you can pay it wherever there are terminals. In addition, each NPXS tokens holder is rewarded for keeping them on a portfolio or participating exchanges, e.g. Binance - monthly airdrop for the next 3 years. This is a great way to increase the value of your wallet in the long term along with the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world - which, along with compound interest, can be treated as a very attractive, passive income.

In 2018, the holder of NPXS will receive 7,316% of the portfolio value every month, in 2019 - 2.11637%, in 2020 - 0.88187%. Thanks to this, by investing in NPXS, you can additionally obtain passive income.

Pundi X partnerships

The latest achievements and news can be mentioned signing a contract with the government of the United Arab Emirates on the implementation of the Pundi X system in Dubai. Thanks to this - in addition to making payments in stores - it will be possible to pay via terminals - electricity, water bills as well as medical or school services.

When it comes to signed partnerships and marketing activities - the team is in full swing, is present at most conferences on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications. More and more cryptocurrencies are being adopted into the Pundi X system, new partnerships are signed, it is best shown in the graphic below:

Future plans - "Roadmap 2019"

The project plans are ambitious, for the moment being focused on Southeast Asia (around 73% of the population living there does not have a bank account). In April this year 4000 terminals were delivered to Japan, Korea, Singapore and Switzerland. The plan for the next 3 years is to provide new terminals from 100000 to 700000. In addition, the project has recently evolved to such an extent that the team created the first phone based on blockchain. Pundi X's plans go further - they are in the process of creating theirs own blockchain named Function (x)which is to be 10 times faster and more scalable than those currently on the market.

The team's plans for 2019 - "Roadmap", have recently been published, which includes all previously announced sub-projects, e.g. Pundi XPhone:


Pundi X together with its NPXS tokens - I consider a project that in the face of so many, often useless ventures - offers something special. It has a working product, encouraging investment conditions for such an ordinary user (airdrop) and above all - thanks to its marketing activities, a thriving community - it performs invaluable work for the world of cryptocurrencies - a real, global adoption, and this is what we need to make cryptocurrencies our daily element life.

Where to buy Pundi X?

NPXS tokens can be purchased, among others on the best and most liquid stock exchange Binance or HotBit.


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