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Popularization of the NFT technology enters the next level. Soon NFT tokens will be available on Instagram. The owner of Meta has yet to reveal how this technology can be used in the popular app, but experts agree - Instagram and NFT are an almost perfect combination. Thus, Mark Zuckerberg takes the next step to creating your own Metaverse.

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual conglomerate of parallel film, music and technology festivals and conferences that take place in Austin, US, in mid-March. SXSW is therefore the perfect place to announce news that will live the world of new technologies. 

NFT on Instagram - an opportunity to earn?

Mark Zuckerberg did not miss the opportunity, informing that his company plans to introduce NFT on Instagram in the near future. The founder of Facebook (today Meta) did not provide many details, but emphasized that the integration of non-exchangeable tokens with the photo and video sharing application is one of the challenges facing his company.

- The publication of videos, graphics and photos fits well with the possibilities offered by NFT, and the combination of blockchain-based technology with Instagram seems to be a fairly natural process. However, it's still not entirely clear what NFT's presence on Instagram would mean. Will it be possible to sell a popular post as NFT? Or maybe the Meta will go a little further and provide the option to create digital admission tickets to events and therefore will be an opportunity to increase your earning potential in this social medium Wonders Bartosz Bilicki founder and CEO of a startup SmartVerumwhich tokenizes art and creates an "artistic" metaverse. 

As a reminder, NFT tokens allow you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and track who owns them, using blockchain technology. NFT stands for "non-convertible token" and can technically contain anything that is digital - including drawings, animated GIFs, songs or video game elements. 

NFT - the next step to the Metaverse

The information about the appearance of NFT on Instagram is another signal that Zuckerberg wants to be one of the pioneers in promoting this technology. Last summer, Instagram organized a "Creators Week", a virtual, but also available only by special invitation, conference for NFT beats. 

Even earlier, Zuckerberg announced the creation of his own metaverse, the short name of which was adopted by Zuckerberg for his company. In his opinion, it will be a new face of the Internet, a virtual space where people will be able to interact with each other using various technologies. Thanks to this, the experience is to be even deeper and it takes place through the combination of human, hardware and software. In short, metaverse is designed as a simulation of the real world in which you can work, learn, communicate, relax, take part in virtual concerts, but also, before we go on a real vacation, we will use the goggles to check if the hotel we have chosen meets our expectations. 

- Despite the fact that Metaverse is an open world, accessible to everyone, it does not mean that it will be completely free. Today, there are many indications that we will pay for the opportunities it opens up with virtual currency. What? Each metaverse has its own answer - $ MANA in Decentraland, $ SAND in Sandbox. How will we pay in the world of Mark Zuckerberg? Perhaps the answer should be sought in the Diem project (former Libra) or, for example, in Flow, which has a lot in common with Diem. However, we can certainly count on the fact that the implemented solution will be simple for Instagram users and will not require installing additional browser extensions (such as Metamask) - emphasizes Bartosz Bilicki founder and CEO of a startup SmartVerum.

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