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We have a total of almost 20 bored monkeys and blasé bears in the world. It's not about endangered species, but unique NFT avatars, which are bought by the wealthiest in the world. However, this is not a technology reserved for the chosen ones. This myth was decided by a Dutch artist who created about 7,8 billion new NFTs, just one for each person on Earth.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Fancy Bears Metaverse are NFT collections that are conquering the world of celebrities. Not only Justin Bieber or Paris Hilton have their unique avatar secured with blockchain technology, but we also have examples from our backyard, such as Magda Gessler or Malik Montana.

It was BAYC that defined the direction in which the industry is headed. Exclusive collection of 10. unique monkeys in trendy costumes on a colored background, living on the Ethereum blockchain, has gained immense popularity and value. The average selling price of BAYC is currently over PLN 200. USD, and some of the unconverted tokens with rarer attributes (accessories, outfits, facial features, etc.) cost millions of dollars. Celebrities around the world such as Stephen Curry, Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon not only bought monkeys as a status symbol, but also instantly updated their avatars on social media to show off their new acquisitions. 

- After all, it is not so much about their investment potential, but about sealing their social status. And although it was thanks to these initiatives that every internet user learned a bit about NFT, their main advantage, i.e. uniqueness, was also their main disadvantage. Hardly anyone could afford them - points out Bartosz Bilicki, explains Bartosz Bilicki, president of the board of SmartVerum, a startup that specializes in NFT technology, tokenizes art and creates an "artistic" metaverse.

NFT for everyone

Dadara, that is Daniel Rozenberg - a Dutch artist of Polish origin known for his leaflets, paintings, album covers, statues and performative works - decided to take the NFT to the thatched roofs.  Together with the digital rights management platform NFT RAIRtech, he launched CryptoGreyman, a massive NFT project that aims to spark a discussion about a more honest individuality on the web 3. 

CryptoGreyman is a collection of over 7,9 billion digital assets featuring a pixelated version of Greyman, a pop culture character from the 90s. It features a corporate employee in a suit, briefcase and tired face. Like the original character, CryptoGreyman was created as a social commentary on how people are perceived these days.

Although physically each token in the collection looks the same, each token has a different serial number. According to Dadara, the same can be said of today's corporate world where people are generalized to numbers. At the same time, the collection addresses the current pressure to be unique fueled by social media.

- The metaverse, which is inextricably linked with the NFT technology, is only just starting and there will be more and more ideas for its development and monetization. In the ocean of various NFTs, the creators of which are trying to artificially create a shortage by imposing "unique" features, offering limited collections and exclusive communities, identical NFT CryptoGreyman that literally anyone can buy, seem to be something completely opposite - says Bartosz Bilicki from SmartVerum. The price of one CryptoGreyman is just 1 MATIC (approx. $ 2).

NFT just around the corner

Dadara is not alone in the mission of popularizing NFT technology. Neon, a startup operating in the blockchain industry, has installed an NFT vending machine in New York that allows anyone to purchase a token with a credit or debit card, without the need for cryptocurrency or a blockchain wallet. Its appearance does not differ much from well-known snack machines, where you can buy basic food products.

When the buyer selects an NFT and pays the amount, he receives a paper NFT box with a code inside which he must register with the Neon Market to use it on a blockchain-based wallet.

- The whole idea of ​​installing a vending machine is to facilitate access to the NFT world. It also shows how easy it will be to support artists who will create digital works. Almost everyone will be able to become participants and owners of art, this is not only the future of NFT, but also the future of art - points out Bartosz Bilicki from SmartVerum.

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