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At the beginning I wanted to indicate what, in my opinion, decides that a blockchain-based crypto-currency project will succeed. I think that's all it has Matrix AI Network (MAN)

  1. This is the scale of creating a value that solves some problems by implementing a blockchain (creating a smoothly functioning ecosystem at the most global level)
  2. The quality of potential partnerships and investors (it is known that if someone invests millions in dollars, time and commitment - the risk / reward ratio significantly improves).

Matrix AI Network is a platform for creating decentralized applications, smart-contracts based on artificial intelligence.

Matrix AI Network - Blockchain 3.0 - a new generation, i.e. a competitor Ethereum, NEO, EOS or Cardano.

What is different from them?

To write / implement applications on these platforms, you need to know programming. Matrix changes the rules of the game. Thanks to the application artificial intelligence, any person, even a non-programmable person, can benefit from this system. In short, general assumptions are needed - foundations, little knowledge and thanks to self-learning modules, programming is possible, because the system eliminates gaps and errors in the code, and will convert the assumptions into a working program itself.

Matrix AI Network bases its project on 4 foundations:

  • EASE - creating smart-contracts for people with low programming skills;
  • SAFETY - using artificial intelligence to generate hacker attacks as tests before adapting the contract to the network;
  • SPEED - use of a unique hybrid based on consensus between PoW and PoS, transaction speed 50000 tps currently, and ultimately 1.000.000 tps;
  • FLEXIBILITY: ease of integration of public and private networks thanks to adaptive optimization;

Who is behind this?

Some of the best programmers, Chinese cryptographers previously working for Samsung, Amd, Microsoft, Nvidia or Facebook in senior positions (eg senior Microsoft developer), designers of the first wifi in China, communication and command systems of a Chinese aircraft carrier, authors of official programming textbooks at universities, participating in many governmental projects headed by Steve Deng - professor Tsinghua University (competitor Harvard). The proof of the good team of programmers at their disposal is e.g. winning the prestigious PASCAL2 and VSOCO AI competitions in 2017. They beat the teams from Microsoft, Facebook, UC Berkeley and Intel.

If we add business associations to it HyperLedger, FengHe Group, Torque Capital Partners and Cybernaut it looks really good. Cybernaut manages assets worth about 30 billion, and HyperLedger's partners are companies from around the world (such as IBM, Airbus or Intel).

And now the most interesting - cooperation with the government of China

Matrix AI Network is probably the sole partner of blockchain and artificial intelligence in developing individual stages of the project carried out with other countries - it is the largest project in the world called "One Belt One Road", Which aims to build the entire infrastructure, connecting many countries, from Africa to Europe. It is the Matrix AI Network that is to be a system that will take part in the entire billion-dollar infrastructure.

MAN in numbers

The ICO ended on January 17, 2018. 150 million tokens for $ 0.36 were sold, 100 million are in the hands of the owners blocked for 2 years. Currently - in October - the testnet of the network is underway, and in December 2018 the transition from the Ethereum network (they started the project in 2016 on this platform) to the proper Matrix Blockchain will take place. 400 million tokens are reserved for miners. The rest of the tokens (100 million) are intended for various foundations and campaigns.


The project will also offer masternodes, in short, you can write that to get a smaller version - you must have a minimum of 10000 cryptocurrencies MAN and hardware capable of handling transactions with a speed of at least 1000 tps, but for details I refer you to this insightful article on the subject.


I think that this is an interesting proposition for the patient holderów. If the team realizes its promises, MAN it may become a strong competitor for cryptocurrencies that are at the forefront of the marketcap today, and in the future - if the project assumptions prove successful - even dominate this market completely.

MAN Tokens can now be purchased on such exchanges as: HuobiKucoin or Coinegg.

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