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What is Lisk, what is it used for and why is it so popular especially in the Polish environment?

Surely the name has already fallen on your ears somewhere, right?

Liskthat's basically not a single application, but rather an organized ecosystem to create them, based on a very well-known JavaScript language.

How does the Lisk ecosystem work?

The ecosystem that we mentioned consists of Mainchainor the main chain and secondary environments, i.e. sidechain's - side chains. And it is on these sidechain that the developer who wants to put the application on Lisk creates his blockchain and his environment, which will work together with mainchain. The Sidechain idea is to be a solution used to solve the problem of application scalability.


The entire network is based on an algorithm DPoS - Delegated Proof of Stake, that is simply digital democracy. It works so that delegates are elected from all over the networkwho are essentially responsible for the operation of the entire network and their number has been fixed permanently on 101 delegates.

They are elected by voting, and anyone who has Liska in their portfolio can vote. Usually, delegates are selected people who contribute to the development of the project and act on its behalf.

Delegates obviously have no absolute power, they can only produce blocks, that is, approve or reject transactions that go through the network. They can not affect the content of the transaction, so they can not harm the users of the network. However, if one of the delegates started to work against the blockchain, it can be quickly dismissed. Of course, the algorithm itself has probably some technical details, but we can describe these in the future, in one of the articles in our tokenopedii.

What possibilities does Lisk give?

As we wrote in the introduction, Lisk gives developers a suitable environment in which they can create their blockchain based on sidechain and put their decentralized application on it - DApps. For this, developers have the opportunity to create their own token, which can be released together with the application.

However, the thing that deserves special attention is the so-called SDK - Sidechain Development Kit. It is a complete set of tools made available by the Liwian developers, including:

  • Lisk Core - As the name suggests it is a core. With the help of Core, we start the node, i.e. the node and connect to the Lisk blockchain. It is definitely a tool for advanced users. Thanks to this, we can view blockchain and send transactions and participate in posting.
  • Lisk Hub - A very similar tool for Lisk Core, but it is also just the desktop wallet of Liska for each user. Hub designers are planning to implement DEX, decentralized stock exchange, sidechain registration and the ability to run their own ICO.
  • Lisk Commander - A dedicated tool for developers to write code.
  • Lisk Elements - A collection of JavaScript libraries containing separately installable modules.

Additionally, we have:

  • Lisk Nano - It's just an older minimalist version of the wallet that only serves to send transactions.
  • Lisk Mobile - Mobile version of the portfolio.

My own blockchain on Lisko - in a nutshell

  1. We generate our own side chain.
  2. We adjust the chain to your needs and add the functions we need.
  3. We create an application, that is, we create the right interface for our chain.
  4. We test our application and put it into circulation.


It must be admitted that Lisk brings very interesting solutions to the world of cryptocurrencies and this is certainly a very interesting project, which is worth being interested in - especially since it opens many opportunities for developers and other users.

We can buy Liska, among others on one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world

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