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A new global solution in the area of ​​financial technologies is emerging - the stock exchange ecosystem LCXbecause we are talking about it heralds the next step towards the development of the digital assets industry.

LCX - Security Tokens exchange

ultimately, LCX it is intended by its creators to become one of the first licensed exchanges security tokens, which is part of the regulated digital asset market.

A compatible platform is to be created STO used to issue, store and trade cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities and other digital assets. The process of obtaining the approval of supervisory authorities is underway.

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The most important cryptocurrency exchanges gathered in one place

LCX (Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange) is an innovative project that deserves special attention because it brings together in one place a whole group of interesting solutions, such as terminal providing access to 15 different exchanges by logging in to one of them.

The key tool in the case of the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange is a special LCX terminal, creating an advanced cryptographic trading platform available on all major exchanges within one interface.


The creator and originator of the project is Monty Metzgerwhich is not satisfied with the sufficient number of solutions for professional investors and the existing systems based on blockchain, for a long time he was looking for something that would meet his expectations.

And so in 2017 the idea for LCX was born, which Metzger wrote on a napkin.


The loosely expressed concept turned into one of the most promising ventures cryptocurrency market.


The main mission that guides the implementation of LCX is to set new paths for the use of blockchain technology in the financial industry.

Thus, the new stock exchange is to become one of the first regulatory compliant ecosystems based on blockchian technology, dedicated to professional investors.

The project will focus primarily on cryptocurrencies and fiat assets.

In the longer term, the creation of a blockchain bank is also being considered - LCX Bank, operating under a banking license, and focused primarily on corporate banking.

LCX strives to become a leader in blockchain solutions. It will offer its clients a wide range of financial products and services related to cryptocurrencies, as well as those that will be available to participants of the traditional market.


Thanks to the already mentioned LCX terminal, it will be possible to manage the entire life cycle of cryptographic assets on several platforms simultaneously.

The platform will also allow the emission of various groups tokens financial assets and security token emission management.

To standardize the turnover of the security token, a decentralized compliance protocol was created named "The Liechtenstein Protocol".

The functioning of LCX will be additionally supported by special security modules and AML and KYC technological solutions.

LCX token

A tool will be launched as part of the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange LCX token,

Users will be able to use it to pay any fees for services provided by the platform, such as terminal subscription, fiduciary services and exchange transactions.

The minimum token price currently set is USD 0,10, which is determined by factors such as demand, supply and current market prices.

It applies only to products and services offered within the LCX ecosystem.

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