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INDX Capital is a company from the FinTech category founded in 2017 in London. Its main idea is to ensure the highest possible level of security for all investors aiming at technology blockchain.

Turning to innovative technologies, INDX launched its own security tokensand the acquired capital will be invested in masternody, which are a promising solution for all projects based on block chains.

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INDX Capital targets masterns and passive income streams

Projects INDX Capital is focused to a large extent on the use of new technological capabilities, which may include masternodes.

They are based on more and more protocols, including proof-of-stake (PoS), becoming more and more popular. At the same time, the proof of work (PoW) protocol is becoming more and more important.

The importance of masternodes can be reduced to servers supporting a blockchain-based network. In addition to such functions as creating new blocks, validating transactions and saving them on block chains, as well as ensuring system security, their operators are also entitled to co-decide on the currency's currency management system and, consequently, the system.

Passive streams, on the other hand, provide steady income streams, while they require significantly less operational activities than in the case of active investments. Strategic diversification reducing the level of investment risk, which is particularly high for active transactions, is key in their case.

INDX Capital launches STO to raise capital for modern technologies

INDX Capital decided to open a special fund, which is an investment in masternody. The creation of such a system is a costly undertaking, requiring additional technical knowledge.

In order to collect the necessary capital, INDX launched security token offeringthat started at the beginning of July. In order for the revenues generated by the fund to oscillate at the highest possible level, an advanced algorithm facilitating the use of masterns was used.

The investors themselves will also benefit from this token INDX opens up completely new possibilities.

The tokens emitted by the INDX are based on the protocol SRC-20and their unit cost is $ 0,30. The chosen goal is to raise capital with a total value of USD 15, of which 000 percent. is to be used for investments related to masternodes, which will generate additional income.

Half of this revenue will be spent on re-investing in the fund, and the other half will be distributed among investors - tokens do not constitute a share in the company, but only half of the profits gained.  

It is also worth mentioning that the offer STO INDX it will be fully compliant with the applicable regulations, which means that investors must meet the conditions set out in the regulations in order to proceed with the offer.

STO in three steps

INDX Capital offers an investment process consisting of three stages.

The first is the purchase of tokens, which allows access to passive income generated by means of masterns.

The second step is to keep the assets, so that their value could increase accordingly.

The third stage is the sale or exchange of tokens, thanks to which investors gain access to almost instant liquidity, which is the main distinguishing feature of the INDX Capital offer compared to other STOs.

To get even more support for its tokens, the company intends to cooperate with such exchanges as Open Finance,London Block Exchange, Archax, Airswap, Czy SharesPost.

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