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Scientists from Imperial College London i MIT presented their innovative research at the conference Innovation Journeys, organized jointly by Imperial Business Partners and MIT.

IT industry leaders and scientists from both universities shared the latest ideas and research.

Imperial and MIT present innovative research on:


Imperial Business Partners offers a unique approach to solving problems by organizing a variety of academic ventures, entrepreneurship competitions and programs, including: WeInnovate and Enterprise Labthat support students.

Dr. Hepworth discussed university activities on the road to innovation and ways of reaching industrial partners to student startups.



Arthronica is a driven platform artificial intelligence, which can diagnose and monitor musculoskeletal disorders by means of specific computer vision.

The system uses a camera built into a laptop or phone, which simultaneously works with software for measuring mobility, functioning and degree of joint swelling to remotely assess chronic inflammation of the joints, as well as to provide evidence of the effectiveness of the treatment carried out so far.

Arthronica was created thanks to Letizi Gionfrid, an assistant at Imperial's Department of Bioengineering.

A former Imperial student Christina Petersen, undertook the task of helping office workers and residents of large cities to understand the impact of light on their health and well-being.

Her solution is Light, which is a small device designed to be carried with you that tracks the type of light that affects you during the day.

The intensity and color of the light are measured, followed by tips and feedback for the user of the device.

Personal Data Control Center monitors how individual companies use and store acquired personal data.

This company was founded by Imperial graduates: Alexandra Arbuthnot i Tom Andrews.


Company Synbiosys was founded by dr Jose Videira, dr James Bird and Dr. Gareth Tear.

Its mission is to develop positions that will protect people staying in armed conflict zones or during humanitarian operations.

Thanks to the inspiration the art of origami and using the most modern polymeric materials, shelters are being created that can provide protection against bullets, bomb blasts, shock waves and adverse weather conditions.


Aventus founded by Empire graduates: Alana Veya i Annika Monari and aims to revolutionize the ticket industry with the help of technology blockchain.

Through this system, each ticket would have a unique identifier in the blockchain registry, so that each user could always check the validity of the ticket.

Mark Kennedy, associate professor at Imperial College Business School is convinced that innovative working methods based on artificial intelligence will change the world.

Chris Toumazou, professor of engineering Regius in Imperial and founder DnaNudge is developing the world's first "autotest"I saliva-based genetic application to personalize purchases made by consumers.

Through DNA scanning, Professor Toumazou wants to create medical devices based on microchips.

Goals of the conference

Conference participants met with MIT researchers and startup members, BT's IT Managing Director Rachel Higham and Ajay Bhalla, the president Cyber ​​"Security and Intelligence Solutions in Mastercardwho are also members of Imperial Business Partners.

The conference, thanks to the presentation of the work of leading scientists and entrepreneurs, helped industry partners find the best ideas in the field of new technologies.


The conference is an example of the bond between Imperial and MIT.

Thanks to a special exchange program, students of Imperial and MIT have the opportunity to participate in research under International Research Opportunities Program.

MIT-Imperial Seed Fund promotes cooperation between lecturers and researchers at MIT, Imperial and institutions present in Africa.

The USA is the most scientifically cooperating country. Their educational and research activity has been going on for over 70 years. American scientists publish approximately 2400 scientific articles annually.

Imperial Business Partners (IBP) connects researchers and innovators with business leaders and decision makers to develop the latest technologies and applications, and helps in continuing scientific research.

IBP events give companies the opportunity to learn more about future technologies.

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