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The SI-Customer Day conference - Human 4.0 - is fast approaching. In the "Year of Lem", the leitmotif will be man's place at the heart of digital transformation. This is the second online meeting. The organizers ensure that the scale and quality of the meeting will not differ from those adopted in the pre-pandemic times. On the contrary, because thanks to modern technologies, literally everyone will be able to take part in it.

- Modern technologies, artificial intelligence, everything that we call Industry 4.0 for short, are increasingly entering Polish enterprises. The world is changing before our eyes and in the era of the pandemic, digitization has accelerated even more. Robots, intelligent management systems, applications took over some of the duties that were on the part of employees. Thanks to this, the companies could function normally. Although we provide ourselves with a competitive advantage with technological progress, it is worth considering the role of man in this process - says Paweł Wala, vice president of the board of SI-Consulting.

Understand the technology, the customer, and myself

The place of man in the process of automation and digitization is the key topic of the event, which will take place on June 15. The Human 4.0 conference will be conducted entirely online, and registration of applicants is already open and takes place via a specially prepared website:

This is the eleventh edition of SI-Customer Day, an annual conference organized by SI-Consulting - a company specializing in the implementation of IT solutions that support management and optimize business processes of enterprises. This year, the event's patron is Stanisław Lem, a writer, visionary, and futurologist. Let us recall that the Sejm of the Republic of Poland recognized 2021 as the "Year of Lem".

- We will look at how companies can use technology to understand the customer and respond to their needs and expectations. Establishing an agreement between the entrepreneur and the client is necessary to meet their requirements as quickly as possible and to do so at the lowest possible cost - says Wala and adds that a conversation about employees will be a very important part of the debate.

- When switching to Industry 4.0 solutions, we focus on digitization and automation, which often causes anxiety among employees. It is worth noting, however, that many workplaces are characterized by repetition of tasks, i.e. repeated performance of similar activities. As a result, on our way we meet more and more people who are frustrated and complain about the tedious nature of their duties. As employers, we must consider how to take care of employee development using modern technology - emphasizes Wala.

During the Human 4.0 conference, there will be an opportunity to look at how technology can help entrepreneurs themselves. Speakers will share conclusions on what aspects must be regulated before an innovative product is introduced to the market. They will also debate what should characterize the technology that supports the management of business and people.

 - At the end of the substantive part of the conference, we will focus on the thought of the conference patron and consider what a robot actually is for us? What does this word have to do with man? How was it created? It was Stanisław Lem who influenced the understanding of this term, but on the other hand, he always put people at the center of everything - emphasizes Paweł Wala.

The list of special guests at the Human 4.0 conference includes high-class experts: Thomas Duschek, President of the Management Board of SAP Polska, Anna Streżyńska, President of the Management Board of MC2 Innovations, former Minister of Digitization, and Grzegorz Dzik, President of the Management Board of the Impel Group. Speakers will also include Mateusz Kusznierewicz, Olympic champion and general director of the Star Sailors League, will be co-hosted by Dr. Maciej Kawecki, an expert in new technologies and president of the Lem Institute.

Plan, dynamics, scenery - this is what the Human 4.0 conference looks like

The Human 4.0 conference will be held in the sanitary regime. The audience will be able to participate only online, but the organizers guarantee that the time spent in front of the screen will be fully used.

- It was close, and last year's tenth edition would not have been caused by a pandemic that made it impossible to organize the meeting in the classic stationary form. However, we are a company that develops and wants to properly use new technologies - notices Wala. The previous conference was held online and was attended by over 300 people.

Human 4.0 uses technology in areas related to work, but also for less formal purposes in private life. That is why the evening part will be colored with technological curiosities and complemented with elements of shows and entertainment.

- We do not forget about the needs of the "heart", so we will encourage our guests to support "Noble Parcel" - emphasize the organizers.

In order to take part in the evening part of the conference, you must select the appropriate checkbox in the registration process.


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