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How to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies anonymously?

Certainly not through the traditional transfer of dollars, euros or zlotys. In order to set up a bank account, we must provide your real details and all our movements are saved in the system. Each authorized person can check how much money we have and where we have received it from. The money kept on our bank account is not ours, but the bank! If you do not believe, check your rules. Also, access to our account depends on the grace of the bank. Have you heard about the breaks in access to electronic banking? Breaks in the operation of payment cards?

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Cryptocurrencies - next-generation banking

Cryptocurrencies created in opposition to the current financial system. Blockchain Bitcoin never in its history, even for a fraction of a second, did not stop working. Cryptocurrencies can be sent anytime, anywhere in the world, directly, in a few seconds. allow they are fully or partially anonymous transfers, without intermediaries such as banks or other institutions, the so-called public trust. You do not need them at all, because it is faster, cheaper and even more secure technology - blockchain1.

What is blockchain? Click and read a simple explanation

How to buy bitcoin anonymously or sell cryptocurrencies?

They still exist exchange cryptocurrency not requiring from users verification. This is the case for recommended Binance i Huobi. This does not mean, however, that we are completely anonymous on them. By logging into such an exchange, it is worth taking care of our privacy on the Internet, using a VPN and a secure e-mail.

On such exchanges, often the only limitation is the withdrawal limit, expressed in the number of bitcoins, which can be withdrawn from the exchange within 24 hours (usually there are no deposit limits). Verification of an anonymous account can usually be done at any time, providing your real details and supporting documents. New opportunities are gained, such as higher limits (or their complete abolition).

However, it should be noted that many exchanges does not support currencies fiduciary (ie traditionallike US dollars, euros or zlotys). Instead of trading in pairs with bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the so-called Stable coins, i.e. tokens that are assumed to have a fixed exchange rate against traditional money, e.g. USD. Other cryptocurrencies are bought for bitcoins or tehters (USDT), so to buy a token or coin, you need to deposit bitcoins, not dollars or euros. The same is true for the payout of profits - we withdraw bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies that we have multiplied on the stock exchange.

Stock exchanges enabling withdrawals of fiat currencies (e.g. USD, EUR, PLN) wymagają from us KYC (application their data, photos, documents). Using them is very convenient. We can directly, from your personal bank account, send money i In a simple way (NP. BitBay or Coinbase) buy and sell cryptocurrencies. These exchanges use the AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedures and follow our actions. They are also tracked by a bank that may in certain situations block a transfer to or from such an exchange, citing its regulations and the lack of legal regulations concerning the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, using cryptocurrency exchanges, we do not have the possibility of anonymous withdrawal and payment of cash in order to buy or sell bitconów.

How to anonymously sell cryptocurrencies and withdraw cash?

anonymously buy bitcoin

How to buy Bitcoin anonymously for cash?

Fortunately, there are several options to buy bitcoin anonymously.

1st way - bitomats

Anonymously, you can buy bitcoin using bitomats, BTC ATM. These are once more popular devices put up in big cities. We can use them anonymously.

We deposit cash into the ATM. We receive a transfer of bitcoins purchased, DASH or another cryptocurrency, directly to your wallet, which address we gave to the ATM. You can use a mobile wallet, installed on your smartphone, e.g. BitPay. Then, from the smartphone we transfer our cryptocurrencies to an anonymous account on the stock exchange (e.g. Binance) or on a secure wallet. Where is the nearest bitomat - you can check here.

2nd way - people in your area

We can anonymously buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies from people in our area, including professional traders and miners. We transfer cryptocurrencies directly from our anonymous wallet to the counterparty's wallet or vice versa. We remain incognito paying with cash - making the transaction face to face - or with a bluff - arranging it via the Internet. We arrange transactions on a thematic or local forum or, for example, through a portal LocalBitcoins / update - this portal requires verification, even if you want to buy /.

3rd way - exchange offices

We buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a stationary office. Such exchange offices enable anonymous transactions up to the amount of EUR 15000. A big network of money changers in Poland is Flying Atom.

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The article is part of the free training - Cryptocurrencies how to start and survive? A course for everyone!

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