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HODL they are doing people raising cryptocurrencies. Such investors are called hodlerami. The genesis of these terms is an error in the English word HOLD, meaning to stick. This mistake was made by a cryptocurrency investor who was acting on the famous one bitcointalk forum. The term "I AM HODLING" he used with a misspelling expressed his powerlessness in the face of the declines in the price of bitcoin in December 2013. As others panicked to sell their bitcoins, he stated he would keep them, hoping for further gains in the indefinite future. This is how it was born HODL investment strategy, growing even to a name social movement of cryptocurrency miners.

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Hodler - buys and makes HODL

HODL strategy - long-term investing in cryptocurrencies, regardless of current increases or decreases their values ​​have their justification in the historical chart of bitcoin prices and other major cryptocurrencies. Market development, as well as the global increase in interest in the subject, meant that today cryptocurrencies have millions of people, and even seven years ago about cryptocurrencies and blokchcin technology, few people have heard of them at all. The increase in demand caused by the inflow of new investors buying their first cryptocurrencies has caused the price of bitcoins, ethereum or XRP to grow several hundred percent annually. As a result, the person who bought one of the major cryptocurrencies several years ago and held December 2017 until December, earned a fortune.

However, if instead of making HODL such a person actively speculated, she tried to sell when the price falls and buy back cheaper, she could lose it and not wait so high valuations. Selling also on local hills, it was possible to get out of the market. Therefore, keeping, breeding regardless of everything, turned out to be a good investment strategy. Many bitcoin farmers have made millions of dollars on the increase in its value.

Traider, a cryptocue speculator who made Lambo

Is HODL a good strategy also for today? By investing in the long-term, we make fewer buying and selling moves. Less movements, this less speculation and excitement in our investing. Over 90% of investors lose on stock market speculation, because it is a game with a negative stake. In order for someone to earn, someone has to lose, and the broker - in this case, the cryptocurrency exchange - must earn from commissions.

On the other hand, just look at the historical cryptocurrency rankings. By investing in a long-term cryptocurrency and doing HODL regardless of everything, we have a great chance that the project that we are projecting will collapseit will prove to be a fraud, failure or their product will not be accepted. See for example cryptocurrency ranking from May 2014 year i compare with today's. By investing in selected crypts from the first hundred and making HODL, would you earn a fortune selling them today? Once the leading cryptocurrencies like Peercoin or Namecoin today cost much less than 5 years ago.

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