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Tokenizacji recently various assets have been subjected - this time it's time for gold. New token is already emitted by the platform coinshares, and the metal it represents belongs to a Swiss company MKS SA dealing in precious metals.

CoinShares started issuing the DGLD token

Platform coinshares announced the launch of tokens representing one of the most valuable metals it is gold.

Speech is here about DGLD token, and the owner of the tokenized gold is a Swiss company MKS SA.

The main advantage of this solution is the fact that gold belongs to the group of assets recognized as the most stable worldwide.

As a result of combining this precious metal with technology blockchainwhat has been done through coinshares just now, an innovative trading system has been created with an international reach.

Advantages of CoinShares

tokenization maintained by CoinShres provides greater liquidity, and also guarantees faster turnaround times and lower fees associated with it.

The entire enterprise is based on blockcoin bitcoin, which is recognized as one of the safer technologies based on block chains in the world. The network provides investors with the ability to easily and efficiently store tokens representing gold.

Sidechain Ocean

In addition, it was used sidechain Ocean supplied by the company CommerceBlock. These types of solutions provide faster transaction speed while reducing fees. Sidechaine also provides extensive options for handling smart contracts.


DGLD token can be purchased by both retail and institutional investors.

CoinShares ensured the availability of its product in nearly 200 countries.

Trading takes place via cryptographic exchange named PIT, ensuring a high level of security. The platform obliges to comply with the AML and KYC protocols.

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