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Gamification is one of the fastest growing trends in trade, as well as a tool used by the world's largest companies and organizations. An example would be airlines that have developed a point system designed to give customers the opportunity to earn additional rewards for using the company's services. This was, of course, an idea of ​​marketers who came to the conclusion that mechanisms similar to those found in games have the potential to engage the customer in an even stronger relationship with the brand. Currently, gamification elements are already used in many industries, including the world of finance or human resource management,

The use of gamification helps companies engage and motivate their clients, change boring activities into slightly more attractive ones or facilitate the understanding of complicated concepts. You can do it in various ways, including organizing contests with prizes or awarding points for specific activities, e.g. shopping in an online store.

In recent months, projects where gamification is based on blockchain technology are becoming more and more common. Let's look at some of them.

Challenges on Eristica

Eristica is the first choice - a platform that, as some predict, has a chance to become the next multimedia giant like YouTube. Users add video challenges to the website and compete with each other on a global platform supported by blockchain technology. It is a place for all content creators who are not afraid to present on the web and would like to gain popularity through their recordings.

Eristica was recognized as one of the five best crypto projects in the year 2017, which proves the popularity of the platform.

CryptoKitties - blockchain game

Another example of gamification is CryptoKitties - one of the first blockchain games to go viral, making a lot of hype on the internet. As the developers themselves explain on their website, CryptoKitties is not a digital currency, but it does provide similar security. Users have the option to create a digital cat, each with its own personality and characteristics. Pets can be bred and discover additional, rare features that increase the value of KryptoKitten, because this is how these digital creatures can be called in the Polish translation. Nobody can take away, copy or destroy a bred animal.

The very idea of ​​caring for a digital pet is nothing new. A novelty here, however, is the ability to perform transactions using cryptocurrency Ethereum. The idea behind the creators was to bring the blockchain technology closer to average bread eaters.

Kriptomat exchange loyalty program

An interesting move was also made by the licensed Estonian cryptocurrency exchange known as Kriptomat. At the beginning of the movement, it started a new loyalty program for its clients, which aimed to increase users' involvement and provide them with entertainment. You can probably talk about the considerable success of this project, because the increase in stock market revenues has never been as spectacular as in the months after the program was launched.

The program itself is called Dragon Riders of Kriptomat and is obviously based on block chain technology. Users get so-called Kriptomat dragons, which can then be used in various types of computer games. The stock exchange has agreed with many game developers who have included the option of using the Dragon in their productions. Among the 20 titles such as "Bitcoin Holder", "Kingdom Karnage" or "Cryptofights". It works in such a way that the program reads the contents of the blockchain wallet and then unlocks additional content in the game. In addition to the fact that each dragon is part of the multiverse of computer games, it also has a different ability.

Olsztyn CoperniCoin

CoperniCoin is a great initiative straight from our country. Under the name associated with Nicolaus Copernicus, there is a blockchain-based token that uses the Waves platform. The originator of this innovative idea on a national scale is the Marshal's Office of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, which, thanks to modern technology, intends to promote Olsztyn and its vicinity.

In this case, we can also talk about gamification - to win token, you must take part in various activities. These include challenges such as completing the Copernicus Mission in Slavic Monsters, taking a photo together with the ghost of Copernicus, or, for example, solving the Copernicus Trail quiz.

For this type of fun to be effective, it should of course be properly noticed and well rewarded. The collected tokens are subject to exchange for material prizes in this project. Currently, these are, among others, backpacks or thermal mugs, but the developers of the program hope that in the future they will be joined by private entrepreneurs who will offer, for example, discounts in catering and accommodation facilities.

The presented projects show that technology blockchain is great for projects that try to combine gamification and blockchain properties. Blockchain gives you the conditions to create and comply with fair and transparent rules. Therefore, it can be stated with certainty that all interested parties benefit from such activities. 

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