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You positively assessed the cryptocurrency project and invested in its token. You sent it to your secure wallet and wait. Checking price changes and waiting for a profit is not all you should do. You should still evaluate your investment in the light of the progress made by the team of creators, the quality of products released by them, signed cooperation agreements, as well as any delays and other irregularities. In addition, it is worth keeping up to date do not miss important information such as swap, i.e. obligatory exchange of tokens. How to keep your finger on the pulse?

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Communication channels: cryptocurrency team - investor


Facebook has become a portal for the masses, where nowadays mainly people of the 30-40 age are boasting of photos of their children. These in turn escaped from facebook on instagram and other platforms. On the other hand, Twitter remains a channel of a bit more substantive communication. It is mainly used by politicians, to respond to current events, as well as companies, to inform about new products.

Twitter is also eagerly used by cryptocurrency projects, crypto influencers and well-known personalities from this market. This is where you can follow the most important events by subscribing to popular portals channels, e.g. ours.

We recommend creating an account on twitter to follow the official channels of crypts and owned by you. All the most important information and reports on the progress of the project are published on these types of channels.

Blog Medium

Many cryptocurrency projects broadly describe news, cooperation agreements as well as other relevant information in articles published on your blog on the Medium platform. It is there that reports, reports and detailed technical solutions are described. Links to specific articles published on the medium, most often found in the previously mentioned posts on twitter.


Many cryptocurrency projects have their official channel on Telegram. Most often, representatives of the cryptocurrency community, breeders, fans of a given cryptocurrency are there, but also project representatives and employees of their marketing departments.

If you want to find out something specific about a given cryptocurrency project, ask for an explanation of some whitepaper entries or an entry on the Medium blog, get more information about the news from Twitter, visit Telegram. It is on such a cottage that you can sometimes read between the lines in the statements of team members, some information before they are published somewhere else.


Many cryptocurrency projects, creating an open source code, publish it on their channel on the Github portal. You can check there if the band is bumping, whether it really adds something new and develops the software it creates. Recently, however, Github has been taken over by Microsoft, which affects the trust in this platform and the ownership of the content published there.


In addition to general channels such as y / Cryptocurrencyon which you can find the most interesting excavations from among all the news on the entire crypto market, you will also find thematic channels of specific projects. It is sometimes possible to find interesting investors' entries and the responses of the team's representatives.

AMA - Ask Me Anything

On the Reddit platform (or somewhere else) the team of creators of a given project sometimes organizes AMA, i.e. it gives the public the opportunity to ask for something specific. After collecting the questions, the official responses of the project creators, its bosses, representatives and programmers are published as part of the AMA. It is a great way to find out about the future of the project, the team's plans and explain all your doubts, eg about the integrity of the creators of the cryptocurrency.


This is the oldest forum devoted to cryptocurrencies, founded by Satoshi Nakamoto himself, to discuss the development of bitcoin at an early stage of its existence. Currently, all cryptocurrency projects are advertised there, and users can express their opinions about them or ask about something.

How to detect any irregularities?

Band members they are running away from the answer some questions? They delete someone's statements on the telegram? Ban the moving uncomfortable issues? Articles on Medium are about nothing? Partnership agreements announced on twitter are one-sided and the partner is not marked in them? Maybe it's only fake news dissolved by team members who want to inflate the price of their token to sell it dearly.

Github shines empty, and last editions took place during ICO? Know that something is not playing. Maybe the band only tells stories. He collected money in ICO, and now he only combines how to make money on speculation with his own token. He does not intend to create a product and earn money on it. He is only interested in soaping his eyes and cynical roller making.

There are hundreds of such projects on the cryptocurrency market, if not the majority. Take care, because it's easy to be tricked into cheating and lose money on so-called scam.

However, what you have read above does not exclude that the team will be able to find the gullible and pump up the price of your token. On scam speculation you can also earn, often more and faster than on a fair project.

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