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It may seem that everything has been said about cryptocurrencies. More and more people (also in Poland) know what these types of assets are, how to use them, etc. However, due to the fact that initially cryptocurrencies were mainly interested only in geeks, and also due to the relatively rapidly growing price of some virtual money , there were many interesting phenomena happening around them that not everyone knows about today. Below you will find a few such curiosities. Did you know there was a site that gave away for free Bitcoiny newly registered users? Or which famous musician is planning to establish the first cryptocurrency city?

One of the most distinctive features cryptocurrency is their great dynamism. However, it is not only about the known to all and the tendency to sudden changes in the price of individual coins. Overall, the world of cryptocurrencies is never boring. Since the appearance of the first virtual money, almost every day there are unusual, often funny and even shocking events with their participation. It is possible that in the near future, this type of means of payment will be as common as traditional money that we keep in our wallets. Already today we reach for them more boldly and more willingly. It is worth realizing that before Bitcoin and similar creatures managed to earn such a secure position for themselves, they were often the subject of often absurd transactions or other surprising phenomena.

Create an account and you will receive BTC

Currently, cryptocurrencies are purchased primarily for investment purposes. The principle is simple - it is cheaper to buy, more expensive to sell. In theory, it seems very easy. In practice, many people wonder how to trade cryptocurrenciesin order to be able to earn a lot from them quickly and without exposing yourself to stress related to the aforementioned exchange rate fluctuations.

This problem may not be experienced by those who became users of a certain website in 2010. Its creators offered each newly registered person a symbolic reward of 5 BTC. All this to promote the use of cryptocurrencies among Internet users and show their possibilities. Eleven years ago, the bonus obtained in this way did not impress much. Today we know that opening an account dictated by pure curiosity could bring you earnings of almost half a million zlotys!

China is the mining leader

As you know, cryptocurrencies are most often "mined" using high-quality computers connected to the fastest and efficient network possible (of course, to put it simply). China is the absolute leader in creating new virtual coins. An estimated 66% of global mining capacity is located in the middle country! This is largely due to the low cost of electricity and the use of alternative energy sources. Other major cryptocurrency mining centers also include the United States, Canada, Iran, Georgia, and Venezuela. In Europe, mainly Iceland and Sweden are in the lead. How does Poland fare against the competition? Unfortunately, it is bad, because the high prices of electricity and the necessary equipment make it possible to mine Bitcoin on the Vistula it is totally unprofitable.

Pizza for Bitcoin

Quite recently, the world has heard that the Pizza Hut chain is going to accept cryptocurrency payments. It is true that the case only applies to Venezuela, but this is another proof that more and more large companies want to open up to alternative payment methods. The close correlation between pizza and cryptocurrencies is by no means new. In May 2010, the first historical transaction with Bitcoin was made, and its subject was just two characteristic Italian pancakes, for which a user named Laszlo paid 10 BTC! Today, such an amount is a real fortune, and these pizzas should be considered one of the most expensive in history.

Cryptocurrency city

Some time ago, it was loud about the plans of the famous rapper Akon, who decided to build a new city in his native Senegal, signed with the artist's pseudonym. In January 2020, the musician announced via social media that Akon City had finalized an agreement under which the city would become a real cryptocurrency metropolis. According to the rapper, it is cryptocurrencies that have a chance to ensure a better future for the people of Senegal and even the whole of Africa. Akon wants to create an environment in his city that will allow for the systematic, uninterrupted and undisturbed development of the country, even with traditional financial structures.

Cryptocurrencies are not legal everywhere

The legal situation of cryptocurrencies raises a lot of controversy. In some countries, it is even illegal to use such measures. Cryptocurrencies were banned from trading e.g. in Bolivia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. Why is the use of virtual coins legally impossible in these countries? The main reason is the lack of official tender status. In the countries of the Middle East, prohibitions are additionally regulated by decrees of religious leaders. is a cryptocurrency site run by a crypto team of enthusiasts. The main area of ​​our interest are cryptocurrencies, tokens, personal tokens as well as blockchain technology. On the pages of our website we will present independent cryptocurrency reviews and interesting articles from the market. In addition, we present the current rates of all critics. The site also has a multi-functional cryptocurrency calculator as well as traditional currencies.

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