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Estonia as one of the post-Soviet countries, it can be commonly associated as an enemy with modern technological solutions. Nothing could be more wrong, because the state not only notices rapid technological development, but also found a way to implement technology blockchain in a different way from other users.

Implementation of innovations initiated by electronic proof

Estonians turned out to be extremely creative when it comes to the implementation of modern technological solutions. These are present even in identity cards Estonians. The document has a special chip built in, having not only a function electronic signaturebut also enabling quick handling of many matters via the Internet.

Because the idea worked very well, Estonia she has taken a step forward, using the analogous solution to passports. They have proved not only more convenient, but also provide a higher level of data protection, as well as allow for more effective counteraction of corruption. Thanks to the chips, Estonians also have a greater influence on what is happening with their data on the web.

Digital society profitable for the government

It turns out that digital solutions are conducive to savings in the state budget. Thanks to electronic documents, Estonia can increase its GDP by even 2% per annum, it is worth adding that close to 7% of Estonian GDP comes from the electronic services sector. The return to digital solutions also favors the development of companies from the technology industry.

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Estonia - a paradise for entrepreneurs

Estonia continues to search for the most cost-effective economic solutions, becoming one of the most important centers of new technologies and technological development in Europe Start-ups.

At the same time, based on a public-private partnership, Estonia is creating healthy competition, guided by the needs of its citizens. Therefore, it is a country that is particularly favorable to people running their own business, and thanks to the application e-residencyit may also be carried out in Estonia by citizens of other countries, as well as all e-residents may run their businesses throughout the European Union.

The success lies in the blockchian technology

All services that use digital identity are based on blockchain technology, where Estonians do not cease in search of new possibilities for its wider application.

Modern, digital technologies can prove highly profitable, bringing a number of benefits to both the state, private entrepreneurs and the citizens themselves.

Estonia dared to take the risk of investing in technological innovation, which for many countries still remains in the sphere of distant plans.

Success in this field, however, may encourage more countries to follow in its footsteps. Work on the introduction of an electronic ID card is already carried out, for example Germany, and in Estonia, more and more companies with an international reach are opening their branches.

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