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Elon Musk, the controversial entrepreneur and innovator, is stirring up controversy again this time with his latest statement claiming that OpenAI, one of the most influential organizations in artificial intelligence, would not exist without his contributions. These words caused a stir in the tech world and sparked a heated discussion about Musk's influence on the development of AI.

OpenAI, founded in 2015 by a group of prominent scientists and entrepreneurs, including Musk himself, aimed to develop advanced artificial intelligence for the good of society. Over the years, the organization has become a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence and has achieved a number of achievements, including the creation of powerful language models such as GPT-3, which have gained wide recognition.

However, in recent years, Musk has decided to separate himself from OpenAI and focus on other ventures such as SpaceX and Tesla. Despite this, Musk claims that his contribution to the creation of OpenAI is crucial and without him the organization would not have achieved such success. In his controversial statement, Musk said: "OpenAI is a child of my mind. Without my financial support and vision, it wouldn't exist. I take credit for making OpenAI one of the leading players in AI today.”

The words sparked mixed reactions in the tech community. Some people recognize that Musk played a key role in the development of OpenAI and that without his involvement, the organization would not have achieved such success. They point to Musk's financial support and influence, which attracted the attention of the media and investors, which contributed to the development of the organization.

However, other critics emphasize that OpenAI is the result of the collaboration of many talented scientists and engineers, and Musk should not take all the credit. They point to the fact that Musk's decision to separate from OpenAI shows that the organization is able to function without him and continue its mission.

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