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Elastos (ELA) is one of the most innovative and recent cryptocurrency, using modern technology blockchain to power the self-sufficient ecosystem (decentralized internet, operating system, virtual machine).

Development of Elastos (ELA)

The co-founders of Elastos are Rong Chen i Fen Han.

ICO dla Elastos: from 2 January to 23 January 2018.

Token price was: 18.09 USD Current price available here.

6% of the maximum number of tokens was available for purchase.

Work on the network operating system Elastos began in 2000 already, and the current version, based on blockchain technology, has been actively developed by Elastos Foundation from June 2017.

The Elastos ecosystem is a network operating system that uses blockchain technology. The option of separating data processing tasks, such as commissioning, has been used here Dapps and exploration of network activities, i.e. the transmission of values ​​or data.

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Advantages of ELA technology

Elastos is a modern network operating system that uses blockchain technology to implement the model peer-to-peer. It is a decentralized, secure and tamper-resistant way to transfer, store data and trade in digital assets.

Other use Elatos system is launching Dapps or issuing intelligent contracts.

Characteristics of the Elastos network operation

- the network operating system works with the main blockchain

-DApps and smart contracts work in the side block chain

-for the first time Internet is the base on which the Elatos runtime runs

-DApp must first go through Elastos, and only then can communicate via the Internet

-DApp must have a decentralized identifier, verified by the ELA network every time internet access is requested

Thus, there is a complete separation of the side block system from network activities. This creates a safe and stable environment used to run commercial and corporate applications. Therefore, a person's resources are extremely well protected against access and unwanted modification.

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Key features

-innovative approach to blockchain technology

- the only current action-based cryptographic project dual-blockchain

- one of the few cryptographic projects using the Internet

- blockchain technology is not the main application core here, but the basic layer

-innovative solution of block chain division into two: main, i.e. distributed operating and side system, used for local operation of DApps and smart contracts

-a team of programmers associated with this system consists of experienced and well-known IT specialists, with one or more startups related to cryptographic technology

- Elatos developers have many years of research experience related to blockchain technology

- advisers are made up of industry pioneers (e.g. Ziheng Zhou, member of the Academic Committee of the Research Institute Alibaba)

-system has significant support of organizations such as: Foxconn, Tsinghua University in China, Chinese Central Government

- fast and comprehensive updates guarantee continuous operation, protection and modernity of the system

- huge market potential

-security and stability, native security features built into the Elastos ecosystem from scratch



Elastos can be bought, among others on such Cryptocurrency exchanges jak Huobi i Kucoin.

Nowy cryptocurrency wallet ELA can be created from the official website.

Prices are still volatile and it may take a while to stabilize due to the fact that it is a relatively new product.

Differences from other cryptocurrencies

Double block chain

Ela is a cryptocurrency in which two block chains operate simultaneously:
–Blockchain - the backbone of the Elastos decentralized networked operational ecosystem
–Side-blockchain - for performing DApps, constructing intelligent contracts and other tasks related to calculations
Such solutions create a secure environment that protects user resources.

Future Internet - Elastos

Elastos is planning to create a "future internet" based on blockchain technology, which will facilitate the implementation of smart contracts, DApps and native Elastos applications, while providing users with a secure platform for exchanging resources and generating value in the form of ELA tokens.

Expert support and a full ecosystem

Full ecosystem, because Elastos is not only a cryptocurrency, but an entire ecosystem in which the user can perform all activities related to cryptocurrencies (trade, exchange of resources), as well as run DApps on local computers, safely disconnected from the Internet, thereby protecting users' resources against foreign access.

All calculated transactions are delegated to the side block chain, separated from the main block chain, which provides additional protection.

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