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eAgronomist starts Solid World DAOTo create a carbon market for pre-certified climate offset Solid World DAO will strengthen the carbon market by creating a transparent and real-time trading mechanism for Tartu's high quality pre-certified carbon offsets,

eAgronom, a producer of farm management software, artificial intelligence for farmers and remote sensing technology, has launched the Solid World DAO platform, which aims to make the fight against climate change the number one business goal in the world.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Solid World intends to rethink the entire carbon space to address the problems currently faced by the carbon offset market.

They include, among others. removing barriers to financing new projects, introducing transparency into the trading process and increasing the price of carbon credits by creating a commodity layer and providing liquidity to the market. By 2030, the world must remove 23 billion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere to contain global temperature increases.

Carbon offset will be an important part of this process. The world desperately needs the emergence of high-quality carbon projects. However, they are difficult to implement as they have to last up to five years before they become profitable. This means high risk and a large initial investment for suppliers. In addition, the voluntary CO2 offsetting market has suffered reputation as it allows large polluters to buy cheap loans with questionable additionality to offset their emissions.

Unfortunately, the carbon credit market is currently controlled by a small number of NGOs with legacy infrastructure and protocols that lack speed, agility and the ability to scale the market to the size required to effectively support the fight against climate change. Solid World will create a fully automated carbon market for pre-certified web3 offset with a powerful blockchain protocol. Using a modified OlympusDAO,

The DAO will use high-quality pre-certified carbon credits as reserve assets, enabling protocol owners to benefit from the growth of the carbon economy. Liquidity will be used to pre-sell loans from new coal projects that require financing. It will contribute to the fight against climate change by significantly increasing the number of new coal projects by raising the price and ensuring financing for suppliers from the outset.

Solid World will only grant access to the platform to high-quality projects that have verified additional Verra and Gold Standard carbon credits. Each new type of coal project will be tested by the community and experts, and constantly updated data will ensure full transparency of all coal programs.

Steven Jerkku, President of Solid World says: “The digital world is amazing, with endless possibilities we urgently need to be rescued in our solid world. Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. The private sector needs to take steps to deal with the crisis, and it is in the best position to do so as it can act quickly and reach far. The advent of Web3 has opened up the possibility for radical changes to the overall carbon economy, and Solid World will provide a big boost with pre-certified carbon credits. Over time, we are trying to solve more and more problems facing the sustainable development movement. ”

Pre-certified carbon credits will be converted into a commodity layer called SCT (fixed ton of coal) and will benefit from all carbon credits to sell as NFT-s (non-exchangeable tokens). Since each carbon project is unique, each NFT will represent one carbon project. This gives buyers options - they can either support the project's sustainability goals, become net neutral by buying carbon credits, or do both. The NFT will contain all the important information about the carbon project - baseline, additionality, MRV data, SDG-s and scientific literature references.

This will be achieved with ERC-721 tokens. Initially, Solid World will circulate up to 325 tokens into the programs prior to launch among the first contributors to help complete the protocol. This allows Solid World to build a platform, fund teams, add liquidity to DEXs, and run a liquidity program.

DAO will close its early round by the end of 2021 and launch the public round in the first quarter of 2022. Note to Editors eAgronom eAgronom is an AgTech startup that is transforming the voluntary carbon offsetting market and accelerating the transition to zero (non-carbon) farming. Created in Estonia in 2016, the eAgronom farm management software, artificial intelligence and remote sensing technologies allow farmers to get paid for creating carbon credits and gain access to lower interest rates by adopting sustainable production processes. The eAgronom product suite measures, monitors and verifies a farm's carbon footprint to create high-quality carbon credits for corporate buyers.

Solid World DAO Solid World DAO is a transparent and fully automated carbon market for high-quality, pre-certified carbon credits that uses the most environmentally friendly blockchain and Web3 technologies to achieve its goal of making climate change a major goal of the global economy. Using on a modified OlympusDAO, using the protocol-based Olympus liquidity model,

Solid World buys and sells high-quality, pre-certified carbon credits as reserve assets that enable protocol owners to benefit from the growth of the carbon economy while helping to implement new coal projects. Solid World is supported by the eAgronom AgTech startup

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