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Dadi is a project based on the idea of ​​a decentralized supercomputer in the cloud, the elements of which are individual machines (computers) of user-miners. Anyone can use Dadi's services, but also anyone can be part of this venture by offering their computing power. No matter if it is a personal computer, game console or a professional server - everyone can profit from sharing the computing power of their machines.

Minerzy receive a salary in the form Dice (ERC20 token).

A brief explanation for people who are less familiar with the topic, ie the general principle of operation of distributed information systems.

Nowadays, personal computers are so efficient that the average user has the computing power of a laptop for PLN 2000. By the term "average user" I mean those who use computers on a daily basis to create documents, browse social media, listen to music, watch videos, send and receive e-mails, etc. There are, of course, players or graphic designers who they need much more computing power. For them, however, machines are provided that are still available on the civil market at higher, but still relatively moderate prices.

And what about advanced mathematical calculations, scientific research, simulations, 3D and video processing UltraHD, 4K (and soon Hi Vision), growing demand for disk capacity, etc.?

Computers capable of such calculations are at the disposal of research centers, large corporations and government agencies. An ordinary user, however, has little chance of using these devices, as access to them is very difficult - mainly due to the high cost of services. This is where they come to the rescue projects of decentralized and distributed information systems - for a fraction of the price, computing power comparable to the power of supercomputers can be used for your needs. In this case, not one supercomputer, but hundreds of thousands of weaker machines owned by users around the world.

Each of these machines performs less complicated calculations, but due to the large number of computers involved in the operations, the total computing power is huge. Another advantage is that if for some reason several (or more) computers stop working, their tasks are taken over by the others.

This protects against the waste of previously performed calculations, data loss and delays. Another advantage is that we have many copies of our data / calculations and this guarantees their safety - even if one machine fails (failure, virus, manipulation attempts), the others will be able to detect it and ensure consistency. Data can be anything - from a private website to complex calculations, e.g. simulation of the decay of atoms, building strength, road traffic, modeling of atmospheric phenomena. Your imagination is the limit.

Pros and cons of the DADI project

+ material whitepaper (depending on the knowledge of the subject and the investor's approach, it can attract or scare away its vastness and technical language);

+ roadmap clear and so far successfully filled;

+ commercial customers are already using DADI technology (including the Virgin Limited Edition website - Richard Branson);

+ an open and experienced team. A dozen or so people responsible for various aspects of project development. Specialists in various fields: IT (programmers, blockchain specialists), trade, advertising, management;

+ listing on new exchanges planned for Q2 2018, no details on the day of issue of the newsletter;

- one of many such projects (e.g.Aelf, Polish G, Both - only storage, etc.);

- big competition, also from traditional companies offering cloud-computing, data storage, etc., remember that from the level of an ordinary user it is easier to buy computing power in a large company such as Google or Intel for dollars than in such a crypto project for tokens that must first be bought for dollars on some exchanges / platforms etc.

Dadi is trying to solve a problem with which other projects / tokens are already associated. Estimated market value 'decentralized cloud computing'was over $ 2017bn at the turn of 2018/250. This allows you to believe in ideas of this type, and most importantly, it gives space for the development of not only one but several parallel projects. According to the roadmap, the Dadi platform will be fully functional at the end of 2018.

As I mentioned, Dadi is not the only project in his branch and I'm not saying that he is the best. However, I am convinced by the professional approach of the dev team, the well-developed whitepaper, roadmap, neat website and the fact that 45% of funds collected from ICO will be spent on marketing. If they are well-publicized, they can break through.

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