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The cryptocurrency community is one of their phenomena, which means that apart from the revolution in the world of finance and innovative blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are also a sociological phenomenon!

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Cryptocurrency community - a social phenomenon

Cryptocurrencies give the opportunity to ordinary Kowalski to invest in a start-up from the other end of the world, without moving from your own computer, with two mouse clicks, without intermediaries and unnecessary formalities. They activate millions of ordinary bread and rice eaters, giving everyone the opportunity to play on the stock market themselves and to multiply (or lose) their savings.

At a time when for many the Internet serves mainly to use social media, share their emotions, experiences, communicate with people, similar interests and views, a specific community of cryptocurrencies arose, connecting investors.

Most often, however, these are not ordinary Janas and Grazyna, but they are enterprising people who have the courage to take a chance. Knowing English and able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet. They are often professionally or hobbyist with new technologies and / or banking and business. Among them, libertarians dominate, advocates of the free market, opponents of excessive over-bureaucracy and legal restrictions. They do not agree to restricting civil liberties. They do not swallow like pelicans of politicians and mainstream media. They have a broad look and look behind the scenes. Sometimes they even come from the Anonymous environment, darknet or they support WikiLeaks.

Cryptocurrency community - how does it work?

Cryptocurrency investors, usually anonymous to themselves, meet in huts, forums and social networks, where they often they spend all days together, discussing togethersharing your knowledge, skills and opinions. These are usually above average individuals, open minds, people with similar interests and views on the world, politics and life, so it is not difficult to establish friendships between them.

They share a common passion - the world of new technologies and / or stock market speculation, the desire to earn money. They help each other in investing, being up to date with the news and also on technical issues. They also talk about other topics, depending on the size of the group, the level of their knowledge and shared hobbies.

Cryptocurrency community - types, role. Where to meet and how to join?

We can divide the cryptocurrency community into many, significantly different groups. They are the most characteristic Hodlerzy and FanBoje of a given project. Investing in a given cryptocurrency in the long term and living its development. They do not see the market outside this particular cryptocurrency, because they believe that it is by far the best and the future ahead is open to it. They often have only one cryptocurrency in their portfolio. Focused in a narrow group, information bubble, surrounded by people with the same views, do not allow criticism. They support each otherwhen the rate drops and excite as it grows. They inform each other about all information from the life of the project. Together they are waiting for the so-called Moon and they are already choosing a color lambo.

The role of the community of the cryptocurrency jest can not be overestimated. The cryptocurrency community is not just ordinary investors. Among the people who have invested in a given cryptocurrency may be youtuberzy and Twitter influencers with thousands of followers. They can promote a given project better than the marketing department. In addition, people who believe in the success of a given project are happy to tell others about it, and nothing works as well as whisper marketing. Who will already invest in a given cryptocurrency, with full conviction will recommend it to friends, showing the project in a bright light. During the bull market, the investor network is growing, and the demand for the stock market is growing.

Hardened hodlers living in a given project most often found on official groups telegram and / or discord of a given cryptocurrency project. A link to such a group can be found on the official website of the project and its card on CoinMarketCap.

Where to find a link to a Cryptocurrency telegram on CMC

Many projects have different language versions of channels. Polish-speaking huts dedicated to given cryptocurrency projects are on the way. Information about them should be pinned in the announcements on the English-speaking channel.

In addition to chat rooms, representatives of the community are focused around topics on forums devoted to a given project, or thematic groups in social media. The biggest Polish cryptocurrency community are probably the fans of Liska, who is dedicated to him topic on the largest forum it already has almost a thousand pages.

In addition to the hodlers, also traiders are organizing. Traider are typical speculators playing on the stock market. They are looking for opportunities for short-term investments together. They analyze the charts for technical analysis. They are looking for rumors that are good for speculation on the price change, even by several percent. The largest organization gathering traiders (not only cryptocurrencies) in Poland is Trading Jam Session.

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