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Researchers in Texas have developed a system artificial intelligence similar in structure to GPT, which is capable of reading human minds. This groundbreaking invention opens up new possibilities in the field brain-computer technology.

The team from Austin overcame these limitations, training a neural network to decode fMRI signals from many areas of the human brain simultaneously. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is an important tool in neuroscience research that enables scientists to see which areas of the brain are active when performing a particular activity. However, analyzing multiple brain regions with fMRI can be difficult and time-consuming, which often leads to research limitations.

In order to overcome these limitations, a team of scientists from Austin developed an innovative approach to fMR analysisI, which allows simultaneous analysis of signals from many areas of the brain. Instead of using traditional fMRI data analysis methods, the researchers used machine learning to train a neural network to decode fMRI signals from multiple brain areas simultaneously.

This method enabled the researchers to perform more detailed fMRI analyses, which in turn allowed for a better understanding of brain activity during certain activities. In particular, scientists used this method to study the effects of emotions on the brain and discovered new relationships between brain activity and emotions.

The innovative method developed by the Austin team is a breakthrough in neuroscience research and has potential for application in a number of fields, including research on neurodegenerative diseases, mental disorders and learning processes. Thanks to this method, scientists can obtain more detailed information about brain activity, which contributes to a better understanding of its functioning and development

This system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze the brainwaves that are generated by the brain in real time. Thanks to this, the system can read thoughts and interpret them at a level that allows them to be understood.

This is certainly an amazing achievement for science, as it allows you to gain insight into how the human mind works. The researchers say this system could have many applications in the medical field, especially in the treatment of patients with neurological disorders.

However, some critics fear that such technology may infringe upon the privacy and freedom of the individual. Moreover, there is a risk that this system may be used for espionage or surveillance purposes.

Despite these concerns, researchers in Texas are confident that this system will advance the field of neuroscience and psychiatry, as well as open the door to new possibilities in the field of artificial intelligence. However, before such a system is put into practice, further research and testing will be needed to ensure that it is secure and does not violate the individual's privacy.

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