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CoinStats i block Folio these are the two most popular mobile applications making life easier for cryptocurrency investors. allow one real-time tracking of portfolio value. Considering the high volatility of cryptocurrency rates, as well as the breakdown of investments into securities held on many portfolios and stock exchange accounts, in various crypts, this app will surely be useful to anyone who wants to know how much their portfolio is worth at any given time.

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CoinStats - our choice

The most-known and the most-used application is Blockfolio. However, after testing many such solutions, we decided to use and you recommend inna free application - CoinStats.

CoinStats is also a web application, opened in a web browser, but above all it mobile application, available for smartphones with the system Android and iOS.

CoinStats - Features Overview

CoinStats - ranking of cryptocurrencies

After opening the CoinStats application, the cryptocurrency ranking will appear. In order from the largest to the lowest market capitalization, all cryptocurrencies will be displayed. Next to each of them we can find information, how many percent of their price have changed in the last 24 hoursand how much each of them costs at a given moment.

If we are not interested in the price of bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies from the forefront, we can set our own favorite cryptocurrencieswhich we will monitor in the favorites tab on the main screen. In the next tab we also have information about changes in the entire market in the last 24h, as well as statistics of exchanges.

By default, all prices are displayed in US dollars, which can be changed by clicking on USD in the upper right corner of the screen.

If we want to find the price of any specific cryptocurrency, click on the magnifying glass (upper left corner of the screen) and find it by name or abbreviation.

CoinStats Portfolio - add the status of your portfolios and track their value

In this tab (marked with a file icon in the bottom menu) we can manually add the cryptocurrencies we have, along with information on how many units of the given cryptocurrency we have and how much we bought them.

Thanks to this application CoinStats will calculate how many percent we have profit or loss on a given investment and how many dollars or bitcoins.

If you make a lot of moves, adding and deleting information about your purchases manually would be uncomfortable. Here the function comes with help automatic connection of our portfolio in CoinStats with a stock market account or wallet.

All you need is our stock exchange account, e.g. on Binance, create an API key. After it is created, we scan the QR code displayed in Binance, CoinStats application. In this way the application has access to information about our account Binance i it itself reads the hold and purchase price data given values. If we buy or sell something on Binance, CoinStats will update this information on its own using the API feed.

Other CoinStats features

Coinstats also offers news aggregators. We can receive information straight from the teams owned by us cryptocurrency or decide for ourselves what media we are interested in.

In addition, CoinStats has a built-in calculator that will help you quickly convert the value of, for example, some parts of bitcoin to a dollar or a buck.

Finally, the application will notify us when the price in a given page changes for a given value when we set an alert. If something important happens, we can also be notified immediately by CoinStats.

In our opinion, this is a very useful application. First of all, it helps to manage our wallets, keep order in them, keep track of price changes, and check the rate of other cryptocurrencies conveniently and quickly, and keep up to date with the most important events in the crypto world.

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