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Coindeal is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe. It develops very dynamically and gains more and more popularity. What are the opinions about her? Is it safe? Is it worth creating an account and using it? We explain below.

CoinDeal - what is it?

Coindeal is an international cryptocurrency exchange. The platform was founded a little over a year ago by three Poles. The stock market is growing fast. Today, as one of the few, it has a Swiss VQF license that confirms its financial credibility and security. Users have good opinions about it, and a multitude of currency parties can attract it.

Recently, the exchange CoinDeal also entered the market in the United States, and its logo for the second season will be seen on the shirts of the football team from Premier League - Wolverhampton Wanderers.

On this occasion, the stock market Coindeal she emitted her own CDL tokens, which give away to its users for free!

Get acquainted with our guide to find out how to set up an account na Coindeal, how to trade i how to get free CDL tokens with giveaway.

CoinDeal giveaway - how to get free CDL tokens?

Coindeal has created its own CDL token, similar to other exchanges, including Binance Coin. The total number of tokens is only 50 million. Stock market tokens does not sell, but 90% giving away to its users on the occasion of entering the US market!


What do you need to do to get free CDL Tokens from Coindeal giveaway?

  1. It should be set up a free account (click here).
  2. Perform verification.
  3. Click on "Get Free Tokens".
  4. Check the status of your portfolio on the stock exchange. 100 CDL should be there for free!

Coindeal - how to create an account?

  1. move on under this link (click here).
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, we can always choose the language.
  3. We are asked to enter your e-mail address, set a strong password and accept the regulations, indicate citizenship, and prove that we are not a robot.

After clicking "Create an account" we will receive a verification e-mail. We check your e-mail and click on the link provided.

Then we log in to Coindeal given data. We go to the account security settings. You may need to press the cross in the upper right corner to turn off the advertisement. In addition, the site sometimes returns to the English language version, especially if according to our advice you use VPN. If we want a Polish version, we will have to change the language several times (in the upper right corner).

We choose the type of account and give your name, surname and telephone number. After providing this data, we will receive an SMS with a verification code. The code should be entered in the next window.


Then, we enable double account protection through the code generated in the application Google Authenticator. Install this application on your smartphone and then scan it with a QR code.


This is a standard procedure, done for the sake of securing the stock market account, which is now found on almost every self-respecting cryptocurrency market. It's a good idea to save your recovery code if the application is deleted or the phone crashes.

After scanning the QR code, a six-digit code will appear in our application, generated every 30 seconds. It should be entered on the website Coindeal and click "CONFIRM".

Finally, we go to account verification. It is required from us and the cryptocurrency exchange by the law against money laundering and financing of terrorism. Without a fully verified account, we will not be able to make transfers to and from the stock exchange, so we will not be able to trade on it ... We will also not meet the giveaway conditions, i.e. we will not receive free CDL tokens.

Therefore, you should provide information about your address, as well as the number and date of issue and expiry of the ID document we use. It can be a passport or ID card.


Then we are asked to send a scan or photo of this document, as well as taking a selfie. Finally, we must prove that the address of residence we have provided is true. For this purpose, we must send a scan of bills (eg for electricity, water) or an excerpt or confirmation from the bank (this may be a pdf from electronic banking where our address is displayed).


Our data will be checked by employees Coindealand the account will be verified. We will be informed by e-mail about successful verification. It should not take longer than a few hours.

After verification, we can fully use the account and also press “Get free tokens” to receive 100 CDL tokens for free.

Coindeal - how to buy bitcoin for dollars, pounds or euros?

We go to the main page Coindeal. In the top right corner, select our language and click on "Giełda / Exchange". The main page of the cryptocurrency exchange appears to us, showing the available trading pairs.


If we do not have funds in the account, we have to pay them (1) to buy cryptocurrencies.

We can choose a bank transfer, Skrill and epay. Of course, for this we have been doing a long account verification to now be able to make transfers to and from the cryptoclosure exchange, in accordance with applicable law.


After crediting the account with funds, we can buy a cryptocurrency. We select the BUY button (2) on the main page of the exchange, with the currency pair we are interested in, e.g. BTC / USD if we want to buy bitcoin for dollars.


In the middle of the page we have a price change chart. Below are offers for buying and selling bitcoins. Quite to the right, we see the recent transactions of buying and selling bitcoins.

If we want to buy bitcoin, we are interested in the form on the left side of the page. We choose BUY, enter the price for which we want to buy bitcoin, as well as its quantity. We make an offer to buy or buy bitcoin from someone who has offered a sale offer.

Successful trade!

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