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Do you have enough ads on YouTube? Or maybe you are the creator of content that is not monetized or is discriminated by the algorithms of the world's largest video portal? If so it's great! In this article, I will present you with a very interesting alternative to the aforementioned problems and learn about additional possibilities for content creators and the users themselves.

Admission word

There are many different projects based on technology blockchainthat will help change the future of the internet and more. Innovation is always a positive phenomenon in this area. "Bit.Tube", for example, is a platform that can make some positive changes when it comes to decentralized publishing of video content. No demonization, censorship, earnings counted from every minute of the video being displayed, and that's not all that the Bit.Tube platform wants to offer in the future.

Although it will be very difficult to dethrone YouTube as a video publishing platform, Bit.Tube may at some point have a positive impact on this issue. Although it is not the first platform focusing on this particular business model, it is worth paying attention to several pioneer functions.

What is the Bit.Tube platform?

BitTube is a decentralized blockchain project that aims to replace the platform YouTube video platform without ads powered by its own cryptographic currency.

They try to give users an alternative that is immune to censorship and is not controlled by one large, centralized organization. BitTube has been developed to give content creators a share of the network they contribute to. All this is possible thanks to the use of the model Airtime.

The platform is also devoid of centralized storage, and its goal is to eliminate the need for advertising in order to generate revenue. Instead, content producers will be paid simply for producing and uploading videos. Viewers also benefit from this by receiving pay for watching movies themselves. Payments are made in the currency of the BitTube platform known as BitTube Coin (Tube).

But how is that possible?

BitTube integrates the cryptographic currency ecosystem in which new coins are called TUBE they are generated by professional miners who secure the network. Miners are rewarded at TUBE for generating blocks in the network blockchain. BitTube takes part of this award and allocates it to rewarding publishers and viewers based on airtime (Airtime). In this way, monetization is automatic, and the distribution of revenues is much fairer. Thanks to this, BitTube is a revolutionary assessment model that motivates all users to create content of the highest quality.

What's more, BitTube is based on a distributed network peer-to-peer, called IPFSfor the hosting and distribution of films: consequently, the platform helps people around the world enjoy the right to free speech and avoid censorship.

Finally, BitTube is driven by the community: this means that users collectively have the power to influence the direction in which BitTube will grow.

Bit.Tube in your browser

Platform BitTube works completely in a web browser, so users do not have to download and install any special software to view content sent to BitTube. It is also possible to identify each video in the network using a shortcut, which allows you to view it.

Source: Bit.Tube

Airtime? What's this?

Airtime is a system that rewards publishers and site visitors with TUBE tokens. It's an ad-free solution that pays users and publishers based on the time you spend watching content.

Currently, the AirTime model has an extension for "BitTube App" browsers, which I will describe in a separate entry.


Airtime distributes utility tokens TUBE on all concurrent users BitTube online. The system assigns a fixed TUBE number taken from miners' extraction. AirTime counts two aspects of the user. One as consumerand the other as creator / content owner.

Because the system offers a salary in cryptographic and not in traditional currency (FIAT), both creators and users will receive the same amount of digital money, regardless of which part of the world are published / watched by their videos

Distribution of prizes

Every day it gets close to the network 67,000 TUBE divided in 720 blocks mined near what 2 minuty (93 TUBE per block). These numbers will decrease from year to year with the decrease in emissions.

After 7 February 2019, the prize was distributed using the module Airtime looks like this:

  • 45% (30,150 pcs) daily extraction TUBE is delegated for the module Airtime where 75% TUBE(22,612.5 pcs) goes to publishers 25% (7,537.5 pcs) this award goes to viewers / users.
  • Miners securing the network receive 40% (26,800 pcs) daily production of TUBE
  • 10% (6,700 pcs) the prize is intended for developers for the maintenance and marketing of the platform.
  • 5% (3,350 pcs) the prizes go to the community moderators (1%), referrals and prize pools (1%)and the remaining 3% for prizes and external developers.

Cryptocurrency BitTube (TUBE)

Digital coin BitTube (Tube)is the basis for revenue and billing as part of the Bit.Tube platform. It serves the Bit.Tube ecosystem and is adapted to extract from the power of the processors, making the use (and earning) of Bit.Tube easy, affordable and available to people who do not have "excavators".

Technical data BitTorrent cryptocurrency (TUBE)

  • Name of the coin: TUBE
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Currently in circulation: 148,177,181
  • Mining algorithm: CryptoNight
  • New block time: 2 minutes
  • ICO: NO
  • Pre-mined: NO

BitTube on

TUBE is available on the stock exchanges:

  1. Bittrex
  2. Upbit
  3. Livecoin
  4. TradeOgre

Airtime Explorer - transparency thanks to blockchain

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, we have the possibility of transparent review of distributed prizes TUBE, which allows users to maintain trust in the remuneration system Airtime.

Salaries go to the wallet after 3 days from coin acquisition. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 TUBE

The AirtTme Explorer shows the following data for a specific channel / user:

  • Channel
  • Wallet
  • Current balance not paid
  • The total time of the current paid balance

Time statistics

  • What kind of creator earned the TUBE sum
  • What amount of TUBE the viewers have earned
  • The total number of videos of a given channel / user
  • Total AirTime

To check transactions for a specific username, wallet, ipfs shortcut or AirTime ID, enter the data in the search box at the top or click the user name in the first column of the table.

Website address:

A fully integrated payment system for everyone

Each newly created profile on Bit.Tube is also an automatically generated address of our portfolio. Each user will be able to buy and sell TUBE in relation to the fiat currency directly on the platform, omitting the need to register on third-party exchanges. Such a move on the part of the creators significantly lowers the threshold for widespread adoption of the platform.


Each uploaded file on the platform is scanned by artificial intelligence using ContentIDand potential violations are marked for verification. To ensure protection against censorship, content policies, copyright infringement and moderation will be dealt with in a decentralized system that gives control to the community and reinforces fair use. In this way, malicious copyright strikes can not be left "Armed". The system will encourage participants to play according to rules based on prizes and penalties.

Products and services that drive the demand for Bit.Tube

At the moment, the Bit.Tube team is developing many new products and services to increase the demand for TUBE.

These will include but are not limited to:

  • Premium subscription - Watch, for example, movies and series from premium publishers
  • Video on demand - Sell your production as premium content available through 24 / 48 / 72 hours or throughout the life
  • Donations and tips - Possibility of receiving permanent or one-time funding from viewers. favorite content creators
  • Self-promotion - Increase exposure on the platform
  • Stay in the canal - Keep your viewers on the channel. For the viewer, all related videos in the sidebar will be from your channel
  • Content protection -All uploaded files will be encrypted during transfer to prevent unauthorized download / piracy
  • Multi-streaming - Provide fast boot time and the best possible experience for both high-end and low-end connections
  • Fast backwards live - Live streams are recorded in real time, so viewers can scroll them to 3 hours
  • Membership Bit.Tube Pro - Allows you to transfer 4K and 8K files, protect content, demand on the channel
  • Bit.Tube Mastercard - TUBE payment to the local currency at any ATM that supports Mastercard, payment in any Point of Sale systems that support Mastercard, unlocks BitTube Pro functions
  • Management - "put" TUBE to become a moderator (I do not fully understand? 😉)
  • Community market - Offer of services and goods for recipients (and not only?)
  • Product placement on the market - Companies can offer sponsors sponsored and billed contracts
    in TUBE based on the antenna time imposed by AI
  • BitTubeApp - Extension for browsers counting ours "AirTime" when using the internet.

BitTube's creator team

Bit.Tube vs YouTube

Platform Bit.Tube it was designed in the simplest way possible, so that everyone who can use it YouTube, he could use Bit.Tube. Although there is still much to do before Bit.Tube hears the world, this innovative video platform has nothing to be ashamed of today. Against the background of her older rival, Bit.Tube puts on a glove and I want to establish a real competition for the title of the leading video platform.

Let's summarize the benefits for Bit.Tube creators and viewers:

  • the creators receive the right to free speech, which will be deprived of censorship thanks to the IPFS technology
  • - creators will be able to earn their content from the first second when viewers watch their videos
  • - creators will receive the same pay rate, regardless of which part of the world their video content is watched from
  • - viewers will enjoy watching (or listening to) your favorite content without having to watch the ads
  • - the AirTime system provides viewers with a share in the platform's income

Why did I turn YouTube into BitTube?

  • Better salary

BitTubeas a publisher, you can earn money from the first time you view your content: you do not need a large number of followers before you can make money from your videos. Your movies are always rewarded.

Technology blockchain together with the module Airtime allows for a fair distribution of revenues, and the company gives a very large share of total revenues to publishers (and a smaller portion of viewers).

In addition, remember that thanks to traditional platforms supported by advertising, you earn mainly on ads clicked by users: this is an incentive to send viewers away from your content. BitTube allows the exact opposite solution: with BitTube, you earn money when the audience watches your videos, not when you click on the ad and go away.

  • Resistance to anonymity and censorship

If you're a journalist or a political activist, BitTube can help you spread content that goes beyond government and corporate censorship while protecting your privacy and the right to free speech.

With BitTube, you can publish content anonymouslyand because all content is stored on IPFS. People will be able to access your video even if your government or organization restricts access to the BitTube website.


In short BitTube encourages people not only to create content, but also to use the content. Rewarding all watching videos changes the whole concept of monetizing content on the internet.

Time it is in fact the most valuable thing that every human being has. If everyone were more aware of it, we would certainly change the place and the way it was issued. That's why I think the platform BitTube it starts a revolution, disrupting the hegemony of giants like Youtube. The time is coming for social media platforms, where content consumers will be rewarded for their time, and will not be treated only as a product of these large technology companies.

Now think about why you should still watch movies on older video platforms if their counterpart gives you a monetary incentive, equal monetization for every user in the world, respects your privacy and allows you to keep the right to free speech?

I think the choice is easy, right? Do I watch a movie on the platform, receive nothing and even worse, watch annoying advertising every 5 minutes, or watch the same movie, without annoying ads, additionally earning a few cents in the process, depending on the value of TUBE at this particular moment?

Watch an ad before the movie, during the movie and get nothing - watch the movie without advertising bonuses and earn money.

A few words at the end

At the moment, no video platform is able to cope with YouTube's dominance. However, I see in decentralization a new era of social media platforms in which users are put in first place, not the company. I believe that this approach is the only real way to solve current internet monopolies, which are undoubtedly YT or FB. History has already shown us that the internet is constantly evolving and with it platforms and users and no company can feel "Invincible".

Project Bit.Tube just like a browser Brave took a major step towards the future of the ad-free market. Viewers are becoming weary of the abundance of ads, but they are a necessary evil to ensure that content creators are rewarded for their hard work. BitTube is taking a step to cutting off advertising and brokers to reward creators and viewers directly.

Remember, no revolution begins with the question of consent ✊

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