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Binance is the biggest and the best exchange altcoinów in the world. One of its products is initial emission tokens. It takes place on the platform Binance Launchpad. Sounds complicated? No worries! We'll explain everything!

Binance Launchpad - What is it?

You have certainly heard about ICO, that is, issuing by technological startups (fintech) tokens in order to collect money for project development? About the risk and controversy associated with ICO, as well we have written the advantage of the STO over ICO in this article.

Now Binance he came up with the idea that a fundraiser for the development of successful, promising projects can be led directly through the cryptocurrency exchange. This form of initial issuing of tokens (ICO) is called IEO, i.e. Initial Exchange Offering. The platform for selling tokens offered at IEO is precisely Binance Launchpad.

The advantages of Binance Launchpad and IEO

The advantages of this form of investing in ICO is a guarantee that the stock market authorities they have thoroughly checked the project and recommend it. Since the specialists behind the world's largest stock exchange offer tokens for a project, we can rather trust them because they brand with their brand that the recommended project is not a scam, it is made by capable people focused on product success. This product probably also has sense and practical application.

The second important advantage is that we have bought Tokens right after the IEO Binance will appear. In the case of other projects you have to wait sometimes many weeks or months before the token hits an exchange. In addition, it is usually a weak stock exchange with low trade liquidity. Here, the token bought by us has the guarantee that it will go straight to the largest stock exchange in the world, and the turnover will be smooth and in many pairs.

Competitive IOME Binance Lauchpad platforms

On the platform Binance Launchpad many tokens of various projects have already been sold. The interest in the sale was so large that Binance authorities limited the possibility of purchase.

Seeing the huge interest in this form of selling tokens, the trail Binance many other exchanges went immediately, e.g. Huobi. They began offering initial issue services for tokens by carrying out ICOs (IEOs) under their wings. None of the competing platforms has recorded such a big success as Binance.

Is it profitable to invest in tokens sold on Binance Launchpad?

The article is not investment advice. It is worth noting, however, that the large interest of investors in tokens offered on Binance Lauchpad was followed by large profits that could have been achieved until now by buying tokens offered by Binance.

Who in the IEO at Binance Launchpad has bought Matic, Bittorent, Celer or Fetch AI tokens, can now enjoy several hundred percent profit.

Is it profitable to invest in more? You have to evaluate it yourself, taking into account the sales procedure described below.

How to buy tokens on Binance Launchpad?

  1. You must create an account on Binance. How to do it? We explain in this guide.
  2. Then verify your account by providing your real details by sending a photo of the face and photocopies of your identity documents.
  3. It is also worth buying tokens Binance Coin (BNB) at an attractive price, because they are paid for tokenenes offered under IEO Binance Lauchpad.
  4. Then, read the sales policies available on the home page

Due to the huge interest in sales and a much greater demand for tokens than their supply, the sale is organized in the form of lotteries.

E.g. To take part in the lottery, You must have Binance on your account at least 100 tokens BNB Faucet, in a specified period (eg 5 days) before the sale starts. The more tokens, the better, because we'll get more lottery tickets. On the basis of the average number of tokens kept on your Binance account (within a set period), lottery tickets are earned. For example, the average number of 500 BNB tokens on a Binance account in a given period gives us 5 lottery tickets.

Every fate has (for example) 60% chance to draw. If we succeed, and our lot will win the lottery, we can proceed to buy the tokens offered in IEO on the Binance Launchpad platform. Each winnings fate entitles us to buy tokens with a certain maximum valuee.g. 300 $. For tokens, of course, you pay in BNB, not in dollars.

Shortly after completing the IEO, tokens offered on Binance Lauchpad they will go to our account Binanceand trade pairs with their participation will be added to the traditional one Binance stock exchange and you will be able to trade them.

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