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The digital artist known as Beeple's he does not let himself be forgotten. His next NFT work was sold at an auction house Christie's for $ 29 million.

A futuristic piece on display at Christie's

Mike Winkelman, the digital artist using the pseudonym Beeple has another success story. His NFT work called "Human One" sold for $ 29 million. The exhibitor was the Christie's auction house.

"Human One" is a kinetic video sculpture belonging to the group of the so-called dynamic NFT. It shows a two-meter tall astronaut, wearing a mirror helmet and silver outfit. The character marches in a science fiction setting and is surrounded by LED screens on all sides.

Beeple climbs to the top

The sale of the Human One sculpture can be seen as a confirmation of Beeple's strong position in the NFT art market.

This is another success of the artist. Another of his work, a graphic artist called everydays recently sold for $ 69 million.

In turn, in March last year, an auction with Winkelmann's work "Ocean Front"Closed with $ 6 million.

The exceptional value of NFT art

The NFT art market has recently been experiencing a dynamic development, to which both Beeple and other digital artists have contributed. This group also belongs to Giovanni Motta, an Italian creator of crypto art. The protagonist of his works is Johnny Boy, a figure symbolizing a child sleeping in every human being.

NFT art has also been used in charity. Switzerland for UNHCR recently started selling NFT. The artist Hani Abbas, who created NFT animations called "Windows", was involved in the project.

They relate to the artist's personal experiences related to his stay in a refugee camp, and the funds obtained thanks to them will be allocated to fighting the crisis in Afghanistan.

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