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Atlant is blockchainowa, a decentralized platform for tokenization and real estate trade. tokenization real estate is one of the main directions of the blockchain revolution, which will soon change the global economy.

Atlant (ATL) - ICO and number of tokens

Atlant had its ICO from September to November of the 2017 year. In many rankings, he was at the top of the list of the most interesting and promising projects.

The average ATL token price was relatively high, considering bonuses, it was around $ 0,60 for one ATL. The creators failed to collect the maximum initial funding (achieve hard cap). $ 6,5 million was collected for project development. Unsold tokens were burned. Currently, all tokens are in circulation - 54,1 million. Their number is fixed and limited (they cannot be reprinted). 

After completing the ICO and entering the stock market, as usual, the tokens were sold out and their price dropped from 0,5 $ to 0,15-0,20 $, and then stabilized at this level. During the speculative bubble on the altcoin market (at the turn of December and January 2018) the price of ATL reached its maximum reaching over 2,5 $ for one ATL.

ATL is an ERC20 type token, i.e. using an ethereum blockchain. It can be kept on all ERC20 wallets, eg MyEtherWallet.

Atlant - how does it work?

Real estate tokenization - step by step

The owner of the property (such as a shopping center, office building, hotel, etc.) reports to the Atlant team in order to stenise it. It presents the technical and legal status of real estate, which is subject to verification. In addition, the real estate tokenization request must be accepted by verified ATL traders who have the right to vote on many issues of the platform's operation. After consenting to the tokenization, the real estate in accordance with the law (in a manner regulated by the appropriate office in a given country, e.g. the SEC in the US) is undergoing a process tokenizacji, or broadcasting security tokens, constituting the act of ownership of a part of the property and the basis for making a profit from its operation.

In the simplest terms. The notarial act of ownership of the property, which was possessed by its current owner, turns into millions tokens, each of which corresponds to the ownership of a specific part of the property, e.g. its 1 square meter. It is more difficult to sell a whole, worth hundreds of million USD property, than any small part of it, which can be owned by virtually any person in the world, regardless of the location of the property and the place of residence and wealth of the investor. In addition, at any time, 24, an hour a day, you can sell or buy such a digital act of ownership by logging into the Atlant's decentralized exchange.

Property Token = Security Token 

For tokenization, the owner of the property pays a few percent of its value (cheaper than in the case of traditional sales). The fee is automatically charged in the newly issued Property Token, because that's what the project calls token "deeds of ownership". Therefore, the property owner will not receive 100% of the tokens representing the value of his property, but e.g. 93%. The remaining 7%, representing the fee, will go in proportion to the verified ATL token holders (including the Atlant team).

Then, the owner of the property, its tokens (all or part of it) put up for sale under PTO (Property Token Offering) - equivalent STO. Tokens can be bought on the Atlant platform by paying traditional fiat money (eg USD) or main cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC. At any time, these security tokens can be sold to someone else on the Atlant's decentralized exchange or transferred to your private wallet, eg MEW, Ledger Nano S, etc.

Security token issued by Altant (in this case called Property Token) will use the ethereum blockchain. The Atlant team is working on a new standard, ERC-1462that will be tailor-made for the project. Atlant does not want to use the Polymath (or similar) product, because he sees the drawbacks in these solutions and wants to create his own, fully dedicated standard.

Atlant Security Token

In addition, on the Atlant exchange, it will be possible to trade tokenized securities, like the shares of traditional listed companies. In addition, Atlant is preparing another product - an airbnb short-term rental platform. 

The value of ATL tokens

Use in the project

ATL Tokens to utility tokens. They are membership certificates in the Atlant community managing the platform. The team has legal expertise, confirming that they are not security tokensbecause their owner will not receive passive income, he will not profit from the operation of Atlant as its shareholder. He must do some work for the operation of the platform, for which he will receive remuneration in the form of a part of the tokenization fee. This is very important in the context of the legality of ICO in relation to the law of different countries. Recently, the US SEC deals with projects that illegally offered as part of the ICO security tokens.

ATL will not be used to pay for anything. In addition to the usual speculation, an ATL owner can register with the Atlant platform. After passing the verification process - KYC / AML and whitelisting - it will be able to start the network node. Exactly that nodes will receive a fee charged to the property owner for its tokenization. Income derived from maintaining the node can significantly affect the price of the ATL token.

How much can you earn from it?

You do not need to mention how much the real estate market is worth. Now let's look at the current price and capitalization of Atlant cryptocurrencies (1 million). Even if only a small piece of cake falls to Atlant, you can earn a fortune when you start the network node.


- the minimum value of the tokenized real estate (in the initial phase of the project's operation) is EUR 20 million; the project is focused on real estate in the European Union

- the tokenization fee is 7%, i.e. 7% of tokens with security in the property value will go to the nodes, in proportion to the number of ATLs trapped in these nodes

- if only 20 properties are tokenized with a minimum value of EUR 20 million each, EUR 28 million will be profits from fees that will be distributed to nodes

- not all tokens will be trapped in nodes (some will stay on exchanges or unverified wallets of hodlers and speculators who have not passed the KYC), so we do not divide the sum of fees by the total number of tokens, but only the number of tokens trapped in nodes

- as it is easy to count, the owners of nodes in the initial phase of the project's operation, Atlant can receive the equivalent of a few dollars for each ATL token held

- since breeding ATL will pay off, most of ATL will be trapped in knots, and this will greatly reduce the supply of ATL

- when people find out how much can be earned from holding ATL, there will be a demand for tokens, which, with a very limited supply, may result in a very high price

After this link it is accurate Kalkulator anticipated profits from the very start of the node. The file must be downloaded to your computer (File -> Download as). Then just enter (blue fields): the number of ATL tokens you have and the number of tokenized properties on the Atlant platform. The profit from having ATL in the node will change in red in the table.

Be sure to also see: Forecast of the ATL token pricing after launching the Atlant product

Investment risk, advantages and disadvantages of the project

Projects regularly documents progress by posting the code on github. Despite the long bear market, the telegram is still teeming with life. Team members regularly answer questions. The community is large and strong, which has recently been proven by winning a vote for the ATL cryptocurrency listing on the newly emerging stock exchange (Atlant won over a dozen thousand votes).

What is the result of its very low price? Of course, we have had a bear market for almost a year and most of the altcoins, especially those with low capitalization, have lost over 90% on value. It was no different from ATL. In addition, the project has many months of delay related to the formal and legal procedures that Atlant must pass to obtain all necessary licenses and consents to real estate tokenization and trading. Although the platform is ready for many weeks, Atlant still can not move. Here is the greatest uncertainty and riskthat complications will last.

Another reason for the very low price of ATL is bounty program. You could easily earn thousands of Atlant tokens. Due to the huge market value of tokens to be given out (at the beginning of the 2018 year), the Atlant team decided to pay out bounty in batches every month, so as not to immediately throw everyone on the market. As a result, each month over three hundred thousand tokens are given away for free. Most of them immediately go to the stock exchange and is sold, which significantly affects the price. Since December XUMUMX, in order to continue receiving tokens earned in the bounty program, you must undergo verification on the Atlant platform. This can significantly reduce the bounty effect on the ATL price, because not everyone chooses to disclose their data.

What's more, one of the project leaders has been arrested by the Russian police and he is under house arrest. His former colleagues accuse him of using in the Atlant exchange the code part of the formerly co-created cryptocurrency exchange. The ADEX code is publicly available on github. The case is under way. It significantly affected the price of ATL, as investors in a panic sold their ATL tokney. However, it did not have the slightest impact on the implementation of the project, which was seen even at github, where you can follow the development of the code. Interestingly, given the activity of developers on github, Atlant has been high for many months (40-60 sites) in the rankings of all cryptocurrency projects. Update (August 2019): Denis Donin (CTO Atlant) has been officially acquitted of all charges against him.

Rumors say that the creators of ATL have good deals with corporations dealing in real estate and there will be no problem with willing to use the platform. Is it true? How will it be? We will see. So far, the team does not answer these questions, using the signed confidentiality agreements. In addition to those willing to tokenize real estate, they must appear willing to buy tokens equity. This requires the promotion of the project, which has not taken place so far. Fortunately, the ATL team still has large stocks of funds collected from ICO.

Current price of

From August 2018, the ATL course is in sideways trend. Its change to USD is only the result of changing the rate of bitcoin, not changing the valuation of ATL. The liquidity is very poor. Only tens of thousands of tokens are available for sale at the current price. The main traffic is generated by sellers who received tokens for free in the bounty program.

2019-07 update

Atlant waits for the appropriate approvals and licenses of the authorities supervising the financial market. At this moment, no one can legally trade in real estate tokens. The relevant legal acts have yet to be adopted.

Atlant does not wait passively. The CEO of the project participates in numerous meetings from Giblartar (where the traditional exchange will offer cryptocurrency tokens), through the blockchain hub - Malta, to Asia. His efforts to date have made Atlant, entered the finals of the startup competition in China and was one of eight companies in the sandbox regarding legislative changes for real estate tokenization and STO.

The platform is ready. As you can see in its demo version, after receiving the appropriate permissions, Atlant is ready not only to trade real estate, but also other securities, such as tokenized shares of traditional companies! Advanced work is also underway on another product - a p2p flat rental platform. Financially, the project is still probably not too bad, because they recently hired another senior developer. 

The latest report (2019-06-28) from the progress of the project you can find here.

Is it worth investing in Atlant (ATL)?

As always, judge for yourself.

You can buy Atlant tokens on a secure, Redot, which has an EU license.

How to buy ethereum (ETH) for PLN and send it to another exchange, e.g. on Redot, we explain in the guide on the Polish Bitbay exchange.

Be sure to read too our second article about the Atlant project. You will find in him calculation of profits from starting the node, forecast of ATL token valuation and analysis of the largest portfolios raising ATL.

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