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Atlant Analysis (ATL) is a supplement already published on our website review of this project cryptocurrency you can find here. If you want to know what this project is and what its goals are, please take a look at our review.

Today, we are again bending over this forgotten token from the thirteenth hundred cryptocurrency ranking, because it is difficult to find another project whose possible success in a clear and easy to calculate way will translate into a token valuation.

How to calculate the potential return on investment if the Atlant product is successful? You will see in this post, which - together with our review - can be treated as an example of fundamental analysis of a cryptocurrency projectwhich everyone He should make his own decisions before making a decision about a possible long-term investment in some coin or token.

How to evaluate a cryptocurrency project? What to look for? How to assess the investment risk and earn on cryptocurrencies? See ours free guide - Cryptocurrencies - how to start and stop? A course for everyone

Atlant (ATL) - the current state of the project

Atlant still awaits licenses enabling trading in stencilled securities on your stock exchange. Today you can tokenize property, however, with her tokens nothing can be done, and yet it is not about creating art for art. Such tokenization will only make sense if Share tokens we will be able to resell the property in the free market. The Atlant team is applying for appropriate licenses in many European Union countries. He still answers new questions from regulators, completes further applications and sends further attachments. The bureaucratic procedure continues for many months now, because what Atlant wants to do is something completely new and absent anywhere in the world. If they receive the regulatory approvals, they will not only be able to tokenize the property, but also offer other securities on their stock exchange, such as stoker shares of listed companies. Will they succeed? It is not known. The investment risk is high and what is the potential profit? Let's calculate it!

Atlant analysis (ATL) - estimating the token price and the potential profit on investment

The Atlant project's profit from just real estate tokenization can be significant because of their dollar value. Profit th it will be divided into network nodes, in proportion to the number of ATL tokens trapped in them. Thus, having ATL tokens, passing the KYC procedure and whitelisting our portfolio address, we can start the network node and make profits from the Atlant project products. How big can it be profits?

Assuming that Atlant in the initial phase of its project will focus only on real estate worth more than 20 million, and the fee for tokenization and listing on the Atlant exchange will be 7% of their value, it is easy to count how much dividend will be per one token trapped in network node, for each tokenization of one property.

I encourage you to take advantage of it calculator included here, which is described in more detail in Atlant project review (ATL).

Atlant analysis (ATL) - how much can you earn by starting the node?

As it appears from calculator, for each 1 ATL token, for a tokenization of one property with a value of 25 million euros, a profit of 5 cents will flow. Therefore having 10 in its portfolio ATL will earn on the first tokenization around 500 $. By buying ATL tokens after 5 cents, we can recover the invested capital at the first tokenization, and subsequent tokenizations are pure profit. Of course, one should not forget that it will be so provided that Atlant receives the appropriate licenses and approvals of regulators, will be eager for tokenizations, and the rules for the distribution of profit and the activation of nodes will remain consistent with the whitepaper of the project.

Since holding ATL tokens at the node will generate income, and the Atlant project will have a working product and will become an innovative, unique company in the world, the value of ATL tokens will also be significantly increased. Let's now try to calculate what their price may be.

Atlant (ATL) - token price forecast

ATL tokens are not security and not every owner will receive profits from Atlant. However, due to the income generated by co-creating the network, by maintaining its node, we can treat ATL tokens as company sharesand the return on real estate tokenization fees as a form of dividend received for holding these “shares”. Let's apply therefore, widely used on the traditional stock market price to profit ratio (P / E), to estimate how much one ATL token can be worth after Atlant product is effective.

P / E ratio he talks about how it is ratio of the current share price to profits company divided by the number of its shares (capitalization / profits). The P / E amounting to 10 means that the company must earn as much as at present for 10 so that the sum of its profits equals the current capitalization of the shares.

When P / E exceeds 16, stock is treated as expensive. if it is lower than 8, stocks are cheap. For example, currently the most fashionable shares of CD Projekt (the creators of The Witcher and the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077) on the Polish stock exchange have a P / E of 211! American shares after many years of growth are 78 for Amazon, 24 for Facebook and 18 for Apple, while the prosperous and prosperous Polish PKN Orlen has 8.

Atlant will distribute all his profits to ATL token holders, so the dividend will be 100% profit. Of course, the ATL team will benefit from the dividend as well as the company itself, which owns more than half of all tokens (which in further analysis).

Assuming that Atlant will block the first property worth 25 million dollars, holders of nodes a "dividend" of $ 0,05 per ATL token will be paid. The ATL token price should then amount to cents from 40, assuming that its valuation is to be moderately low (P / E = 8), up to 80 cents for P / E = 16 (moderately expensive tokens).

We expect, however, that one tokenization will not end, and the P / E ratio takes into account the sum of the dividend for the last year. Assuming that Atlant in the first year of the platform's operation will stenise 10 real estate, the ATL token price should be from 3,6 $ (P / E = 8) up to 7,2 $ (P / E = 16).

When there is a lot of tokenization and the Atlant team will tokenize two properties a month, the ATL token price should be from 8,72 to 17,44 $.

In addition, the stock market often praises the company's innovativeness, its development potential and the increase in profits / value of the paid dividend in subsequent years. Therefore, on the evaluation of ATL tokens, a possible speculative bubble may arise on the possible wave of popularity of this project. The P / E ratio can exceed even 100as in the case of fashionable CD Projekt or Netflix shares. Then Pricing ATL token at 50-100 level per piece is possible, which results from the above calculations modeled on the valuation of traditional listed companies, based on the company's profits.

Atlant (ATL) - analysis of the largest portfolios

Another interesting analysis, which may consist in evaluating a cryptocurrency project before investing in it, can be review of portfolios with the largest number of tokens project. Such information can be found in blockchain exprorerzeafter which you will find the guide here.

By tracking incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as the value and dates of transfers, it is highly probable to assess who the wallet belongs to, what movements the owner carries out, at what price he acquired the given cryptocurrency and what is his intentions. In addition, we can verify team honesty, whether the distribution of tokens is consistent with the assumptions recorded in the whitepaper, and whether the team does not get rid of its tokens, preparing a so-called exit scam.

Below I place results of this type of analysis Atlant (ATL).

Wallet 0xdE2F4f4e0d7F1F1b379Bc5EF502Fba25dF55BEA0 - this is the address of the project development team, which received 22,5 million ATL tokens immediately after their creation; they were then broken down into smaller parts and sent to other wallets; ATL 5,5 million are still there today;

Wallet 0xf7a1893bf1d2f6360a086431efcdfbf0d9c74098 - 7,38 million ATL tokens went here and is kept by the team to this day, it is probably their cold wallet (off-line)

Wallet 0xa56a9aa22a26dc33f96e743962ca0aed790fd6fb - another part of the Atlant developers' tokens went here; today it has 5,74 million ATL; this wallet is a collection of tokens that regularly top up the wallet 0xb009df92d747632aecbf6fdf9c3257b7646d8cb1from which airdrops, paid exchanges, promotional campaigns were probably paid, and until today, bounties are sent (the last installment will be paid in a few days).

Wallet 0x34B02F49bA16673c67630A1f755479fB8e826438 contains 5 million tokens. Probably he belongs to someone from the Atlant team.

Wallets 0x36e6dadc5a045a86dbc9ecfeda5c459784d3537f and 0x126D407584cf73BA5D15102Bab0e578a64cCa3F1 they include 3 million tons of Atlant and ethereum (ETH) worth over USD 1 in total. This is probably also the portfolios of the Atlant creators team, and the collected ETH are funds collected in ICO.

Portfolio No. 7 in the largest ranking hodlerów ATL is 0xebaA699a32d67893bd5D0cd7540415dFb5EFA642. It probably belongs to some whalewho bought 2,37 million ATL in pre-sale and holds to this day.

Address 0xed79f9ad77dbf87961656eb1bbcf984461315b35 currently has an 1 million ATL and hundreds of transactions in the history. This is probably the address of the Atlant platform.

Wallet 0x6cC5F688a315f3dC28A7781717a9A798a59fDA7b belongs to the OKEx exchange, on which Atlant was formerly listed. The current state of the portfolio is 760 thous. ATL.

Wallet 0xA12431D0B9dB640034b0CDFcEEF9CCe161e62be4 this is the address of the HitBTC exchange, where until recently Atlant was listed. The current state of the portfolio is 590 thous. ATL.

Finally, the portfolio of an ordinary stock market investor. Wallet status 0xe80b168891372957c60b7823d81014d6d8263c4d it's 440 thousand ATL, which were bought in the autumn of 2018 year on the HitBTC exchange at the price of 3-5 cents.

And another wallet of an ordinary investor 0x3273623099651A2818B35aC4b4CF27dE0f174519on which 410 thousand is currently gathered. ATL bought around 2 cents.

Key conclusions: the Atlant project team (ATL) still has considerable financial resources to finance and develop products. In addition, 6 the largest portfolios of ATL belongs to the creators of the project. They do not trade with their tokens on the stock exchange, they do not try to earn a change of course, but they keep their tokens in the long term, probably waiting for the platform to be launched to earn real estate tokenization.

The above example was posted to show how to analyze the cryptocurrency project, which should be part of its assessment, before long-term investment of funds.

See also ours free guide - Cryptocurrencies - how to start and stop? A course for everyone

If you want to buy Atlant tokens (ATL), you can do it on a licensed one in the EU Redot exchange.

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