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Both technology blockchainAnd artificial intelligence they arouse a lot of controversy, and at the same time they have a lot of hope - they are an important support for many areas of human functioning.

So far, however, they have been considered separately.

Only recently, attempts have been made to combine block chains with artificial intelligence (AI) to develop even more effective solutions in business and many other areas.

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Common areas of application

Blockchain technology has become really loud lately, especially in context cryptocurrency, Security Token Offering and all other forms of digital means trading and digital transactions. Block chains have various uses related to tracking transactions in the public book.

As well as artificial intelligence, blockchain is a highly complex technology, and thus both of them can have a big impact on business space.

Currently, we can observe its intensive development - applications based on block chains are used in many different industries to distribute and secure transactions.

The combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence can open up completely new possibilities, and it is currently focused on areas such as prognostic models of crowdsourcing, hedge fundsor also investment platforms.

Nevertheless, many experts advise to be extremely cautious in this field, and above all, you should always take into account the specificity and nature of the operation of a given company before the decision is made to implement blockchain technology together with artificial intelligence.

For now, the combination of both technologies and their application in business remain in the experimental phase, and the real results of this cooperation will have to wait a little longer.

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Promising combination of forces - examples of combining both technologies (Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain)

Looking at the attempts to use artificial intelligence together with blockchain technology, which are taking place in various industries, the conclusion is that artificial intelligence combined with blockchain is something more than just machine learningwith which AI is first associated. The process of this integration is much more complex.

One example of combining the use of artificial intelligence in combination with blockchain technology is the organization stationed in Amsterdam SingularityNETrecognizing itself as a decentralized market AI algorithms.

It manages an innovative platform for offering services based on artificial intelligence.

Payment for it is not made in SingularityNET cryptocurrency, known as "artificial intelligence tokens".

According to the representatives of the organization, the use of blockchain technology, and more precisely smart contracts, is conducive to exchange between market participants.

The company offers products such as APIs, software, as well as equipment based on artificial intelligence, which can then be successfully used in the creation and sale of such services as image and language processing or special AI training sets.

Another example of blockchain integration with artificial intelligence is a non-profit organization DeeoBrain Chain with headquarters in Singapore.

The company uses block chains and artificial intelligence in work on distributed AI computing platform, while creating a network whose participants belong to individual, smaller or medium, training nodes.

You must install the software to join the system DBCwhich automatically assigns the user to a specific node.

In addition, this software can also be used by both programmers and companies to share collections, as well as a transactional platform for sharing artificial neural networks, but at the moment the company has not yet recorded any measurable results.

However, it is worth mentioning that DeepBrain Chain established cooperation with SingularityNET, providing it with the opportunity to use DBC software.

The company should be further mentioned Numeraibelonging to hedge fund, created to develop models forecasting and trading strategies.

On the initiative of this organization, scientific competitions are regularly held weekly, with participants presenting the forecasted results of hedge funds for the coming days.

Winners are rewarded with tokens Ethereum.

Employees Numerai they compile the functions of the most promising models each week, which aims to create a collective model of artificial intelligence. His task is to control the investment strategy of the Numerai hedge capital.

Another example of combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence are investment management platforms, such as the company based in Luxembourg peculium.

It is savings and investment platformsupporting investors in automatic management cryptocurrency wallets.

The services can be used by individual investors, traders, stock brokers as well as larger corporations. peculium created a project based on artificial intelligence called AIEV, acting as advisor using automated machine learning.

The company's investment tool is the Altreus platform, which provides an overview of smart contracts.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain - a common future?

While it's hard to talk about any spectacular effects of combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence.

Many business representatives do not yet have full knowledge of the possibilities of using AI, not to mention its combination with block chains.

Nevertheless, there are many indications that the simultaneous use of both technologies will help solve the biggest business problems of B2B. In addition, AI manufacturers themselves can benefit a lot from blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence can be an important support for blockchain-based projects.  

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