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Today, life is almost non-existent without artificial intelligence. We often do not even realize that we perform certain routine activities with the help of complex algorithms. However, UX designers who research and design user experiences while using applications or websites show with their work that without human control and human control, there is no further development.

Many solutions that we use through applications equipped with artificial intelligence have been introduced to relieve people. To let him stop thinking. Example? Algorithms used by film or music services, which on the basis of previously recreated materials select new ones that we may like.

 - On the surface they are dInnocent activities, often very helpful, and sometimes even inspiring when we get to know a new singer or series. But is that what it is all about? How much interesting content will we miss when we blindly submit to artificial intelligence? When we do not expand our horizons ourselves, at some point the AI ​​will also start to spin in a circle. What's more, we'll get to quite quickly where the algorithm will control our choices - what we eat, what we watch, what we buy - notes Szeran Millo, president of the board in Symetria and a trainer of the international UX-PM certificate, confirming the knowledge of User Experience tools and the methodology of designing user experiences in organizations.

A helping hand or a trap?

What's wrong with streaming services starting playing the next one as soon as one movie is finished? First of all, we do not have time to reflect on the content we consume, and cognitive processes gradually fade away and we become what artificial intelligence wants from us.

 - Therefore, user experience design is important, as it is based on slightly different foundations. First, you should listen to the opinions of users, conduct declarative research, such as focus groups, and research based on observation, i.e. usability tests on a representative group, and only then, thanks to their suggestions, use the resources of artificial intelligence so that the applications help in life. If we do not do this, user experiences (UX) quickly become secondary to the algorithm and further search for solutions convenient for users ceases to make sense. - emphasizes Sheran Millo from Symetria.

An example of a successful use of UX? Symetria has developed software for self-service checkouts that are operated not only manually, but also by voice commands. It definitely makes it easier to use them (e.g. for the elderly), but it does not completely exempt from mindfulness.

The cooperation of mind with artificial intelligence

Experts argue that the interaction of AI and people creating UX is possible. Artificial intelligence should be used to automate tedious and repetitive tasks. However, the user still needs to have control, choice, awareness that artificial intelligence has its limitations.

- Let artificial intelligence learn from us to help us, and not force us to unknowingly follow its instructions. Rather than frequently secretly collecting private information, focus on what users say, do, and above all what users feel, and actively involve them in app improvement Millo points out.

The use of artificial intelligence can effectively solve many problems related to the design of the user interface. For example, professional designers began to use artificial intelligence and its generator to design websites and applications and analyze user preferences. In other words, some of the tasks that an IT engineer has performed every time in software development are nowadays omitted, because artificial intelligence already has the code ready. Therefore, you can easily choose the right style, color, navigation of the application, etc. Managing the site manually is difficult, because it is a time-consuming process and it is very easy to make even a small mistake that will significantly hinder the use of the application or portal.

Thanks to AI solutions, it is also possible to quickly solve another UX problem, i.e. adapting websites to different markets. Artificial Intelligence not only translates your content, but also recreates the English language experience for your target audience in a variety of local languages.

An expert worth its weight in gold

- So we can see that artificial intelligence has not taken away the job opportunities of UX designers. On the other hand, it solved many problems with designing repetitive activities. The fact that a human being is still needed is clearly visible in the market demand for UX designers. In Poland, these are highly sought-after specialists and the development of AI does not stop this trend at all Says Sheran Millo.

There are still few specialists, and there are so many vacancies and job offers that the industry opens recruitment also for people who do not have experience. This work is specific because it is not what we associate the company's IT department with, because UX designer does not spend hours creating code that is understandable to machines, and enigmatic for the vast majority of internet users. UX designers with the help of test applications or even augmented reality tools can track the movements of the mouse and the eyes of the testers. They can see how long the user searches for a given function and how much effort it takes to "click" to the intended purpose. In this way, professionals create intuitive and friendly systems, applications, websites, and even machine interfaces or car dashboards.

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