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The platform meets the world's giants and provides developers with tools that will allow them to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the third generation internet. is not only analytical tools, blockchain-based technologies and offering NFT. Building a personal brand has never been so easy, if only thanks to the unique opportunity to create your own portfolio alongside the best photographers, make-up artists and stylists.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and TikToku channel, or with ambiguous fame, but with a well-developed OnlyFans subscription model. Today, a creator who wants to not only share his passion, but also make money on it, must have multiple social media accounts. Their handling is only seemingly easy, because each channel has its own rules, and the algorithms “like” something else. 

- Until now, there was no platform that would allow you to freely obtain revenues from published content, distributed physical and virtual products. To this day, there has not been a platform that not only has advanced analytics tools to better understand the needs of recipients, but also makes them available because it knows that they are necessary to develop a personal brand on the Internet even more freely and generate income not only for itself, but also for also their users. We respond to the real needs of creators - explains Michał Jeska, president of the board of the platform, passionate about new technologies and specialist in building engagement on the Internet 

Jeska adds: - We don't want to compete with the biggest players in social media, but to use their potential and fill their gaps. We want to provide creators with the freedom and simplicity in distributing content, help them build their brand on the Internet without the need to rigidly associate with big players and create new earning opportunities for them.  

Build your portfolio with is a place that will connect authors, their fans and business partners, but is not only a platform on the Internet. It is also a place of creation. 

- Live, create, earn - this is our motto, but at all costs we want to avoid it being an empty slogan. is primarily people, the community. We want to give space, especially to novice creators, so that they can meet photographers, make-up artists, graphic designers, psychologists and other people who can influence the course of their careers on the Internet. Our office is not only a few tables, chairs and laptops, it is also a place where you can create - emphasizes Michał Jeska.

The first meetings have already taken place. One of them in June in the space of the Bajka studio in Warsaw. Seven models, including Maja Strojek, Kamila Wasilewska, Kamil Niziński. They had a team of photographers (including kasekkimo, Zienia or Jacek Kaźmierczak), make-up artists (Ola Malecka and Renata Lewandowska) and stylist Amelia Krzap at their disposal. 

- There was an opportunity not only to create unique photos, but most of all we had time to talk. Exchange views, find out what the real needs of creators are, what are their problems and expectations - says Michał Jeska.

For over ten years we have been observing an increasingly stronger popularity trend for websites that aggregate user-generated content. Huge ranges generated by websites based on UGC (user generated content) have created an unprecedented marketing potential, which is an excellent channel for both distribution and promotion of many brands.  

- However, the creators themselves often do not know how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet. Education, basic work, showing step by step what can bring success, it is really necessary for the creator to be really successful, not to be exploited, to earn what he should do. At, we want to raise the awareness of novice creators and provide them with such substantive, business and technological support that they have nothing else to do but live and create - describes Jesek. 

The next generation internet is coming into play

How will the platform itself work? It is enough to create an account on the platform for the creator to have access to tools such as: 

- Links - enabling the aggregation of links to any communities or the activity of the creator and a content platform that allows you to build engagement and monetize content, including  by subscription. 

In the next steps, will make available:

- e-commerce - enabling sales at the level of your own online store, powered and operated by and our partners, 

- sale and creation of own NFTs, 

- - an artificial intelligence algorithm that will help you better understand your audience.

How will it work? The algorithm is intended not only to help creators build and develop their personal brand in the digital world, but also to enable an accurate understanding of the behavior of their specific recipients. It can also work the other way around and enable an advertisementwcom to develop a target customer group with the help of a real and committed community as confirmed by is a cryptocurrency site run by a crypto team of enthusiasts. The main area of ​​our interest are cryptocurrencies, tokens, personal tokens as well as blockchain technology. On the pages of our website we will present independent cryptocurrency reviews and interesting articles from the market. In addition, we present the current rates of all critics. The site also has a multi-functional cryptocurrency calculator as well as traditional currencies.

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