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What is it that makes you interested in the cryptocurrency market? 

1) A new look at the business opportunities that this technology brings? 

2) Its geopolitical overtone, influence on the shaping of virtual societies?

3) Changing the paradigms with which we judge the world, and which maybe blockchain refresh?

4) Opportunities for professional development in a niche (yet) area?

5) hmm .. are you just here for the money, and the ideology you avoid with a wide arc?

Regardless of whether you are attracted to cryptocurrencies by short-term speculation or you fundamentally believe in the assumptions of this technology, in 2019/2020 it will not be possible to pass by what will happen in this area.

I am deeply convinced that the next two years will have a significant impact on grain sprouting and husk sifting. As a result, the maturing market will be noticed outside the narrow circle of current enthusiasts. Who knows, maybe the existing group will be literally overwhelmed by a wave of new users.

In short, my look for the next two years looks like this:

 2019 year: completing the infrastructure, protocols and tools. Primitive adoption.

 2020 year: groundbreaking use cases and extraordinary business models. Many surprises.

Below you will find a summary of the video in which I tackle these issues in detail.

ATTENTION: this is not an investment advice. I am not an investment adviser. The content contained in this article is my private opinion. He does not make any financial decisions on this basis.


There will be a very clear reshuffle in the TOP100 cryptocurrency list in terms of 'capitalization'.

70% of current crypto accounts from TOP100 it will be replaced with new values.

It will be influenced by a number of factors, some of which I cover in the next points.


Stablecoins to dominate the 'market cap' list TOP10.

At least 3 Stablecoins (USDx) will be on the TOP10 list.

At least one gold-backed Stablecoin will probably also come there.

For these reasons, the TOP10 will become relatively 'boring' and stable in the long run.


Bitcoin will no longer be cryptocurrency with the highest capitalization.

At position #1, one of the mentioned stablecoins will jump.

The role and capitalization of BTC will still be significant and Bitcoin will remain in TOP10.

Solutions will appear in the next layers (eg smart contracts!) Which will set up a new hand for Bitcoin.


CoinMarketCap will lose its leading position in presenting the state of the market.

Looking at the market through the prism of the 'market cap' will replace other, more accurate metrics (eg NVT).

Platforms that will give a new look at the condition of the market and projects (e.g. Messaria)


There will be a clear adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world's largest companies, as a means of payment or other use case.

At least 10 global brands will introduce their cryptocurrency or adopt one of the existing public solutions.

With time, no one will be surprised that one or another global brand / network introduces its'token'or' coin '.


The current business giants will have an unexpected 'company' in the area of ​​blockchain and crypto.

At least 3 companies / persons whose business model has existed and fully rely on the use of this technology will appear among the 100's wealthiest businesses in the world.

The exponential growth of these enterprises will make their development from germination to fruiting quick and surprising for many people in global business.


Bitcoin will 'detach' from other cryptocurrencies.

A large number of maturing altcoins will follow their own trend, independent of BTC.

Distinct and frequent will be phenomena where, e.g. Bitcoin is falling and some altcoins are not falling or rising, as well as the other way around, Bitcoin is in a sideways or downtrend and some altcoins are experiencing strong gains.

Bitcoin will less and less determine the market direction to ultimately take a clearly independent trend.


ETFs will have a medium-term speculative impact on the market.

The hype around ETFs will continue and even intensify in 2019/2020 by institutional players. We will see the 'buy gossip sell facts' effect made on a thick scale.

The final debut of the ETFs will result in a short, but significant, growth impulse, followed by an equally strong drop in many values ​​on the cryptocurrency market.


The global "crisis" and its impact on cryptocurrencies.

IF A Deflation Crisis occurs => no or negative impact on the world of cryptocurrencies and BTC.

IF there is an Inflation Crisis => large inflow of capital to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

SCENARIOS:  2019 : new links in the crisis In 2020: EU / Asia | 2020 / 21: US / Powers


PoW and GPU mining will return as an important security trend for the network.

This return will occur thanks to the factors A + B + C + D, where:

A: increase in demand for graphic calculations, used in AR / VR / autonomous cars / gamification.

B: increased demand for 'EDGE computing', among other things, thanks to the open market for AI or VR.

C: rapid increase in the popularity of solar energy, lower and lower energy costs for $ 0 in some parts of the world (eg Africa).

D: developing fast PoW + dPoS hybrids, while at the same time vanishing solutions that in previous years devoted to decentralization for speed.


Africa will be an important link in technological, economic and social development:

Areas such as Africa will be a very important point on the business development map, thanks to the A + B + C factors, where:

A: development of technology for obtaining cheaper solar energy and its collection.

B: efficient connection of new areas to the fast 5G / 4G network thanks to mini-satellites (eg via OneWeb)

C: as a result, the attachment of billions of 'excluded' people to the global economy.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will find in Africa (but also in other developing areas of the world) their early adopters, cheap energy and unusual use cases.


Premature trends that will be publicized, but will not find (yet) wide use.

12A: Personal Token needs more 'digitization' on the side of the 'human interface' before the need for a Personal Token actually exists. 

For now, it will be a 'celebrity' tool and not a really adapted solution on a larger scale.

12B: Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) they will be used massively only at IoT, with machine2machine payments, with a smooth and safe conversion of units.

DEXs as such will of course be developed aggressively in the coming years, but they will find their first applications mainly in 'trading', which is a poor use case.


Utility Tokens will be massively 'converted' to Security Tokens.

'Regulators' will exacerbate pressure on entities that have been collecting funds under the ICO in 2017 / 2018.

As a result, many projects will collapse, will be forced to return funds.

Some of them will voluntarily or forcibly convert from Utility to Security Token.

This will be another factor causing a significant reshuffle in the market.


The following will come out of hiding: Sleeping Giants, BUIDL'ers, Black Swans.

We will surprise you with the less-known projects that will jump to TOP 50.

These will include projects that:

 a) Collected funds in 2017 / 2018, but entered the stock market until the product is ready.

 b) They were developing in a quiet place, they were acquiring customers, but they were saving on marketing.

 c) They come from Enterprise Business, they are supported by VCs funds, which w2019 / 20 will show the claw.

Of course, selecting these projects is more difficult… 🙂

On the group Telegram we try to exchange knowledge about interesting technologies that maybe just sprout, but build promising foundations.


Satoshi Nakamoto will speak with his Bitcoins.

It is estimated that Satoshi Nakamoto on various wallets has collected close to 980,000 Bitcoins.

If Satoshi Nakamoto actually supports the idea of ​​decentralization of finance (what I believe), then in my opinion:

  • the negation of this idea would be to preserve these resources by Him / Nią / Ich ... 
  • it would be imprudent and perhaps unfair to also 'burn' these BTCs (tantamount to paying dividends to current HODLers).

In my opinion, FAIR would be the distribution of these funds to EXCLUDED regions of the world, which at the beginning of BTC's birth were not technologically ready to participate in the development of this network (eg Africa).

Video that develops the above points

15 Prediction on 2019 / 2020

Link to the summary of these 'fun' points - in the English version.

Of course, the attempt to capture reality in the perspective of two years is largely guesswork. I am curious to know what percentage of hit shots I can achieve.

I hope that it will be like this:

  • 50% prediction hit in point and in time,
  • 25% judged too early, and
  • 25% of missed predictions.

Time will tell..


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