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Technology blockchain brings new quality to the markets, especially cryptocurrency. It is used more and more often to ensure secure data storage and storage. Blockchain is also developing intensively in Poland. The community that creates and promotes these solutions operates in business, law, FinTech and ICT.

The end of the year is conducive to all sorts of summaries. Also in the blockchain technology in our country in the 2018 year a lot has happened. The leaders of this technology developed startups, managed corporate processes and ran enterprises, as well as created innovative technological solutions and legal interpretations.

Ranking Polish influencers of the 2018 cryptocurrency market

1. Stephen Bentyn

In the first place Stephen Bentyn, owner and president of one of the largest companies in Poland operating in the Blockchain industry: PNT, i.e. Laboratory of New Technologies. Sam says about himself that he is self-taught when it comes to programming. He also has experience as an entrepreneur. He admits that he is investing, and most of his portfolio is cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin. He also meets as a blogger and the first in Poland Youtuber, who in his programs brought closer the topic of cryptocurrencies. He purchased the first bitcoin in the 2013 year. In 2017 he issued his own personal token (BentynCoin BEN). He is also a consultant of Blockchain technology and a speaker at conferences in the industry.

2. Sylwester Suszek

Sylwester Suszek is the creator of the largest cryptocurrency market in Europe BitBay. For several years, he has been building his own cryptocurrency ecosystem by opening new mines, creating payment systems, tokenization and the development of our own stock exchange. After entering the BitBay Financial Supervision Authority into the list of public warnings, Sylwester Suszek moved his business to Malta, where the world's largest digital cryptocurrency trading is currently taking place. At the same time, however, the KNF invited Mr. Suszek to participate in a working group dealing with regulations in the cryptocurrency industry.

3. Mateusz Mach

Mateusz Mach - already in the 17 century he created the application Five App for communication for deaf people, and the next was the music platform OPUS, based on blockchain. His latest project is associated with the implementation of blockchain technology for startups, enterprises and government institutions. He is a student of economics at the New York University of Abu Dhabi. In the 2017 year, he was honored with the title "30 Under 30"Awarded by" Forbes ".   

4. Michał Grzybkowski

Michał Grzybkowski is a graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Poznan. During his doctoral studies at the Department of Investment and Capital Markets, he conducted research in the field of corporate governance. He deals with consulting in projects related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs conducted in the country and abroad. He is the president of the most modern server room in Poland It is used by websites, telecommunications operators, companies and data processing centers.

5. Lech Wilczyński

Lech Wilczyński - co-founder of the cryptocurrency cantor InPay and a member of the Sejm Commission for Digitization, Innovation and Modern Technologies. He graduated from the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in the faculties of Robotics and multi-agent systems as well as software engineering. He is the promoter of the use of digital currency technology and a member Polish Bitcoin Association.

6. Zoe Adamovicz

Zoe Adamovicz operates in the technology and cryptocurrency industries. She co-created the search engine of mobile applications Xyo bought by an American company listed on the stock exchange. She founded Neufund - an investment platform whose mission is to raise funds for companies.

7. Rafał Zaorski

Rafał Zaorski founder and president KryptoJam SA, a company that deals, inter alia, with the tokenization of listed companies. For many years he was involved in the restructuring of companies.

8. Rahim Blak

Rahim Blak creator of his own cryptocurrency RahimCoinand at the same time a "business artist". He conducts trainings on social media and promotion. His company Edron operates in the e-commerce industry.

9. Tomasz Kozar

Tomasz Kozar - technological strategist in Microsoft helps Polish enterprises in Digital Transformation. Deals with the promotion and implementation of cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure products.

10. Maciej Jędrzejczyk

Maciej Jędrzejczyk - blockchain technical leader and government industry solution architect w IBM Poland. He is an IBM expert in the field of blockchain technology implementation.


Source: Blockchainext / Brand24

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