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2018 year was a fruitful year for cryptic activities. Many projects have been launchedmany resumed as well as many have been developed and implemented. Several tycoons have also referred to the issue of cryptocurrencies cooperation with other companies for faster and stronger development.

partnerships they are very much in almost every branch of the economy an important element of development. It is no different in the case of, among others: blockchain. This is for a simple reason - a solution that does not apply in practice is useless. Blockchain-based projects are aimed at improving and facilitating the lives of entrepreneurs. That is why there are more and more partnership agreements, in which the world's cryptocurrency tycoon is located on one side, and the enterprise looking for unconventional solutions on the other.

Below we present several, in our opinion, the best crypto-currency partnerships of the current year. & Ledger

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One of the first internet portfolio providers -, he came to an agreement with the company Ledger in order to create a new hardware portfolio - Lockbox.

This device is of course compatible with the wallet. The assumptions are that Lockbox users, in addition to holding your capital in a cold wallet they will also be able to use part of their funds in on-line wallet.

Lockbox is compatible with such OS as Windows 7 (or newer), MacOS 10.9 (or newer), Linux or Chrome OS. It is not compatible with other Ledger products. This is due to the fact that it works on non-standard software. Device it's worth around 99 $and distributed from mid-November.

Binance & Tron

Binanceas probably the largest cryptographic exchange in the world4 October this year announced the uprising The Binance Blockchain Charity Foundation. It was created to investigate the use of blockchain technology for the social good.

Tron he decided to join this project with a donation and commitment to help the Binance non-profit sector.

Coinbase & Circle

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Coinbase, reputable a wallet and a cryptocur exchange, came to an agreement with Circle, a technological company supported by Goldman Sachs. The effect of their cooperation is new stablecoin on the Coinbase platform, called USDC.

This partnership has created a consortium of the Center, which in the future is to launch more stable currencies, combining everyone with financial services. The plans are stablecoiny for, among others: British pounds, Japanese yen or the euro.

Wanchain & MakerDAO

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MakerDAO is a manufacturer of stablecoin known as Dai (1: 1 in relation to USD). Dai does not have the dollar equivalent. MakarDAO uses the system 'protected debt'stored at Ethereum to keep Dai's value relative to $.

Wanchain in turn, it is a blockchain project concentrating its activities on interaction and communication of code blocks.

11 October this year Wanchain announced Dai the first ever ERC-20 token. Thanks to the multifunctionality of the stablecoin, Dai can be exchanged for Bitcoin in a decentralized way. This solution gives many possibilities. This is the basis for adding Bitcoin as a secured debt item with Eth.

ICON & Line

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ICON is a blockchain project. Line is a social platform that has over 200 millions of active users per month.

In May, ICON announced cooperation with Line in order to create own blockchain network. The joint venture was baptized with the name Unchain and it is supposed to serve as a development organization of the blockchain ecosystem for Line.

The intention of the project is connection of as many users as possible with the ICON networkthat will use the Line contact network.

Dow Jones Media Group & Brave Browser

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Browser Brave And her cryptocurrency BAT they collect a lot of interest in the community recently. In the same period last year, the browser registered about one million active users. Now there are more than four million of them, and the browser itself has been downloaded over ten million times.

In April this year Dow Jones Media Group announced the beginning of cooperation with Brave to provide premium content to users and test blockchain payment technology. Available publications include (full access) and MarketWatch (Premium access). Both of these publications are verified publishers on the BAT platform, in accordance with the partnership agreement.

AWS & Qtum

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) in October this year established cooperation with Qtum. Both companies are aiming at development of blockchain-as-a-service solutions (BAAS). In this case, Qtum will provide a smart platform for the development of AWS contracts.

Thanks to AMI (Amazon Machine Image), which includes Qtum Core, Solidity and QMlx Web IDE, developers and users can freely create and run intelligent contracts.

Qtum CEO on cooperation is speaking as follows:

''Launching Qtum on the AWS market provides an easy-to-use and efficient solution based on the cloud for users and enterprises. Anyone willing to build dapps on the Qtum platform or to use it as a node will benefit from our solution. ''

Stock exchange in Binance and Malta

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In September this year, Binance signed a partnership agreement with the Stock Exchange Malta (MSX) to launch a new stock exchange security tokens. Such cooperation means that Binance will probably launch the first of its kind in the world platform in Malta.

Malta, as an island with an approach strongly pro-crypto, is often referred to as blockchain island. In addition, Binance has very good relations with the government in this place after moving its operations to the island, a little earlier this year. Malta has also pledged to have the best legal minds to create the right legal framework for the crypto industry.

Litecoin & TokenPay

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In July this year, a decentralized payment platform TokenPay acquired 9,9% of shares WEG Bank in Germany with the option to buy out the remaining 99,1%. This almost 10% stake in Baku has already been deposited in favor Litecoin Foundation.

Litecoin I want to help TokenPay grow own blockchain ensuring its stability and future success. TokenPay, in turn integrate Litecoin z Bank WEG and a trading platform.

IBM & Stellar

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IBM considered the option of cooperating with such brands as Bitcoin, Ripple or Stellar. Eventually, it fell on the latter, and the balance of victory prevailed transparency, scalability and non-profit character candidate.

Solution Universal Payment Solution IBM is currently using technology Stellar Lumen (XLM) as a bridging asset for cross-border transactions. For IBM, however, this is not the end of plans. The team is currently considering introduction of stablecointo break the volatility of the cryptocurrency market somewhat.

Some time ago IBM published Blockchain World Wire with the vision of making international payments over a few seconds instead of days, using the Stellar protocol. Currently, IBM also reveals cooperation with Veridium Labs in the field of Carbon credit tokenization on Stellar blockchain.

Cryptocurrency development

The partnerships listed above are only part of those that came to fruition this year. Some of these contracts are purely experimental. Some have a direct impact on the price of the cryptographic project token. Others in turn they are simply proof of progress. Progress to what the cryptospheres were waiting for. Progress, which shows that more and more enterprises value unconventional and other solutions. And hopefully progress will be gaining momentum.

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